This child grew up and became a famous Egyptian singer, called the King of Romance, and his children were diagnosed with a strange disease.. Who is he?!!

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A veteran Egyptian singer and singer, who is considered one of the most famous singers in his country and the Arab world. He was called the King of Romance. He began his artistic career in the early nineties. He participated in a movie from Cairo to Zagazig, and it was his first absolute starring in singing and acting.

And if you look at the picture well, you will definitely know him, as his shape has not changed at all and still retains his features, it is the artist Ehab Tawfik. Whoever won first place in the competition.

Ihab Tawfik’s title is the King of Romance, his full name is Ihab Ahmed Tawfik Muhammad Mustafa, and he was born in Cairo on January 7, 1966.

A massive fire broke out in the villa in which he lived with his family, which led to the death of his father, and this painful incident became the talk of the pioneers of social networking sites at the time, while dozens of stars were keen to console him through their accounts on the social media.

But what many do not know is that this incident is not considered the first crisis in Ihab Tawfik’s life. Years ago, he revealed that his three sons had a mysterious and rare disease and were being treated in America.

There are also some technical crises in Ehab Tawfik’s life, including the tension of his relationship with the star Amr Diab, about which he said: “Our relationship is from afar to afar because of his method of dealing.”

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