This child has grown up and is now a famous artist who dazzled us all with his distinguished role in Ramadan 2022… You will not imagine who he is?

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An artistic page published on a social networking platform, a picture of a very famous Egyptian artist as a two-year-old, and said that he is a well-known artist who impressed us all with his distinguished role in the last Ramadan season.

It is the Egyptian artist “Ahmed Amin” who surprised his followers – earlier – and published a rare picture of him through his account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, while he was in his early childhood.

The photo received a large number of likes and comments, and followers and social media pioneers interacted with it, who praised the artist’s innocence at that early age.

Ahmed Amin is an artist with a creative degree, a comedian who knew the way to stardom with a remarkable speed, making you laugh all the time and not fall into the trap of vulgarity, from the editor of Bassem magazine to content creator to stand-up comedian to film and TV artist, all stages that contributed to the development of Ahmed Amin, who has a cheerful and cheerful look. That touches the hearts of the masses and grabs their laughter easily.

Information about Ahmed Amin: Ahmed Sayed Amin, born on July 11, 1980, is an Egyptian comedian, actor, author and program presenter, a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts. He worked in many artistic fields such as writing, acting, directing and animation, and gained his real fame through short videos on the Internet that achieved wide spread, which was known as (30 seconds), during which he was making fun of many things. His second and most important station was in the “Al-Balatouh Program”, which was shown on Al-Nahar satellite channel.

After the success of his program, Ahmed Amin participated in the championship of the series The Will, and also participated as a guest of honor in many distinguished dramas and cinemas, such as (The Treasure 1), (The Secret Men’s Club), (Badal Al-Hadouta 3) and (Khilsana Bishika).

The comprehensive artist Ahmed Amin also presented to the theater a series of performances called “Amin and Partners”, to move to the highest level in the artistic work, by performing the starring role in the “Supernatural series” as “Refaat Ismail”.

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