This circle is always scary! Naris reported to an anonymous number, calling to ask for locking results.

Narit Thaweekun reported to Udon After the crooks used the phone number of a friend of the player like “Nattapat Somsri” to call in to lock the score. Before the Thai League 2 game this evening, the Royal Navy will visit Udon Thani.

Naris Thawikul, former Thai national team checkpoint, Asian Cup 2007 Currently guarding the pole for the Royal Navy Recently reported to Muang Udon Thani Police Station Before the Thai League 2 game at the Royal Navy, there is a queue to visit Udon Thani FC this evening (27 Feb. 65), which the referee states that there is a phone number 094-901-2666 calling in and telling them to lock the score

Naris posted a message through her personal Facebook page that “Now there’s a problem. Because the phone number approached me yesterday in the early evening. by speaking to lock the score And I don’t know who it is. He didn’t mention the name. So I didn’t ask to talk to you. When I posted my Facebook page, I got a message saying that it was Toro (Nattapat Somsri), I thought and thought again. Where is Toro? called to talk to me If it is Toro Lao I have been brothers for a long time We will talk in Isan language together all the time. When I secretly use a number like this, my sister and I will report it. In this evening I This circle is always terrifying.”

By the case of Toro-Nattapat Somsri also filed a complaint, which Naris Thawikul will lead the Royal Navy team to visit Udon Thani FC in the Thai League 2 battle on the evening of 27​ Feb. 65

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