This gaming computer is at an unbeatable price

2023-05-22 17:28:13

You are looking for a cheap laptop suitable for gamers ? Look no further, the ASUS TUF DASH-TUF516PC is made for you ! With a price displayed at €699 instead of €919.99 on Amazon, you won’t be able to find cheaper today.

Why choose this computer?

The ASUS TUF DASH-TUF516PC is a laptop specially designed for gaming enthusiasts. Thanks to its high performance and robustness, it is ideal for those looking for a device that can meet their needs in terms of power and durability. To help you get a good deal, we have selected for you the best promotions currently available on this product:

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these exceptional offers to get the ASUS TUF and enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience!

Buy the ASUS TUF 516 at 699€ instead of 919

Why choose the ASUS TUF DASH-TUF516PC? Here are some of the key technical features that make this device a solid choice for gaming enthusiasts:

High performance

The ASUS TUF DASH-TUF516PC is equipped with an 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor as well as an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card. These components guarantee optimal power to run the most resource-intensive games smoothly and quickly.

Quality screen

The 15.6-inch Full HD IPS screen offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite games with vibrant colors and an impressive level of detail. Plus, its 144Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth, stutter-free image even in the fastest scenes.

Buy the ASUS TUF 516 at 699€ instead of 919

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Memory and storage

With 16 GB of memory RAM DDR4 and one 512 GB SSD hard drivethe ASUS TUF DASH-TUF516PC offers enough space to store your favorite games and applications, while ensuring reduced loading times and improved system responsiveness.

Robustness and durability

As the name suggests, ASUS’ TUF (The Ultimate Force) lineup is built to withstand the harshest conditions. The ASUS TUF DASH-TUF516PC’s reinforced chassis and high-quality components ensure that the hardware lasts longer, even under heavy use.

In short, choosing the ASUS TUF DASH-TUF516PC is opting for a powerful and robust laptop, adapted to the needs of demanding gamers. Take advantage of current promotional offers to get a good deal, while enjoying the benefits of buying from a French company.

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