this Harry Potter kit of the famous Hogwarts Astronomy Tower is only €75

2023-11-05 08:00:38

Before Black Friday, Cdiscount is offering an exceptional discount on the LEGO construction kit of the famous Hogwarts Astronomy Tower. Now is the perfect time to give your children a wonderful gift.

As the end-of-year holidays approach, take advantage of an irresistible promotion on the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower LEGO set at Cdiscount. Its price actually goes from €181.14 to only €75.99. This LEGO replica offers total immersion by allowing Harry Potter fans and LEGO enthusiasts to recreate the majestic Hogwarts Tower by reenacting the most famous scenes from the film. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Hogwarts with this captivating LEGO creation, specially designed to delight fans of the saga.

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LEGO Hogwarts Astronomy Tower: an immersive kit that will immerse you in the Harry Potter universe

Discover the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower LEGO model, a breathtaking creation comprising 971 pieces that comes together to form a majestic tower over 40cm high, 29cm wide and 17cm deep. This LEGO masterpiece offers an immersive experience with iconic pieces, beloved characters and magical accessories from the Harry Potter saga. Immerse yourself in the fantastical world of Hogwarts with your favorite characters such as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Horace Slughorn.

This exceptional model of the Hogwarts™ Astronomy Tower is packed with realistic details and iconic locations from the saga. With this set, Harry Potter™ fans can not only enjoy the fun of building, but also have fun recreating unforgettable scenes from the films or even inventing their own magical stories. Treat yourself to this unique experience and immerse yourself in the bewitching world of Harry Potter with this exceptional LEGO set.

A LEGO Harry Potter construction set for only €75

This LEGO building set is one of the most coveted in the Harry Potter range. Available at just €75 on Cdiscount, it is without a doubt the ideal gift for a birthday or the end of year celebrations for children aged 9 or over, especially fans of the American saga. The set can also be combined very easily with other LEGO Harry Potter toys.

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