This is a taboo .. a doctor reveals foods that are forbidden to eat before receiving the vaccine against Corona

Al-Marsad newspaper: The therapist and gastroenterologist, Nikita Kharlov, warned in an interview with Radio “Sputnik” that the use of some foods before vaccination against the Corona virus could lead to a deterioration in health after it.

He said: No special preparation is required for vaccination against corona, but if you modify your diet a few days before vaccination and do not eat some foods, the possibility of minor side effects will decrease.

He added: First, you should not eat anything that causes you to be allergic. You shouldn’t try any new food, even sausage or milk, and don’t try out of curiosity anything strange. He continued: Second, do not overeat, as this in itself is a blow to the immune system.

He stressed that it is important to limit the number of meals that contain a large amount of carbohydrates in the diet before vaccination, explaining that sweets are taboo before vaccination, because the blood sugar level will be higher, and if the sugar is higher, it will be difficult for a person to tolerate vaccination. This applies to all carbohydrates, even sweets: potatoes, cereals, and bread, too, all increase blood sugar levels. Thus increased side effects after vaccination.

And Kharlov continued: “Citrus fruits: lemons and grapefruits should be left,” noting that, most likely, bananas and grapes will have a bad effect on the human condition after vaccination, and watermelon before vaccination is also considered a bad idea, because it causes allergies, and in a way that the fruit should be eaten at least. Half the usual amount. He concluded that it is advisable to adhere to these rules for two weeks after vaccination, while the primary immune response is forming.

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