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We see Andreas Brehme (62) putting his arm around Franz Beckenbauer (77). The moving photo was taken by Heidi Beckenbauer (56).

The Kaiser received a Christmas visit from his 1990 World Champion on Wednesday.

They sat together for two or three hours in the Salzburg restaurant “Huber’s im Fischerwirt”. Half private, half business for the Franz-Beckenbauer-Foundation (helped in around 10,000 emergencies for 40 years). Heidi Beckenbauer has now taken over the management.

Brehme on BILD: “Like Lothar Matthäus, I am an ambassador for the foundation. We talked about campaigns and sponsors for the good cause.”

How is Franz Beckenbauer, who withdrew from the public eye after an eye attack and heart problems?

Brehme: “Franz made a good impression.”

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What made Beckenbauer happy recently: that he is fourth in the BILD ranking of the greatest footballers of all time (behind his old friend Pelé, Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona).

Not only Andy Brehme stopped by Franz. Jürgen Klinsmann (58) and Guido Buchwald (61) also recently came to Salzburg. The heroes of Rome stick together. A life long.

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