This is the holiday celebrated in Puerto Rico on March 2

Today, Tuesday, March 2, the American Citizenship Day is commemorated by law in Puerto Rico.

This holiday was decreed by executive order in 2017 by then-Governor Ricardo Rosselló, who at that time also created the Special Commission for the Celebration of the First Centennial of the granting of American citizenship to Puerto Ricans.

The Law for the Celebration of American Citizenship establishes that the first week of March of each year will be called “Week of American Citizenship in Puerto Rico”, and March 2 would be the commemorative day of the advent of Citizenship.

This, since it was on March 2, 1917 that the United States Congress approved the Jones Shafroth Organic Law, in which Article 5 provides that all citizens of Puerto Rico declared themselves citizens “of the United States, and will be considered and held as such”.

Another factor included in the Law for the Celebration of American Citizenship is that for a week, Education will “prepare and organize a special curriculum that, by way of talks and conferences, educates and instructs the students of the country’s public schools. on the rights, benefits, prerogatives, obligations and responsibilities that come with holding the citizenship of the United States “.

In addition, it instructs the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture to adopt “the necessary measures for the organization and celebration of acts in tribute to the celebration of the Advent of American Citizenship.”


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