This is the picture that ignited the fire of hatred in Abu Hashima’s heart,, You will not believe how Yasmine Sabry appeared and who was next to her.!

Many fans of the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, may not know that she was married and had a child, before her last marriage to the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, who was also associated at the time with the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe.

In a previous television interview, Yasmine revealed the name of her first husband, Muhammad, who is an athlete, and she got acquainted with him as a result of her father’s doctor’s work in the same hospital, and that he was married at the same time and had children and that he was years older than her, and also revealed that she married him before entering the artistic field, and then after that she started Her first artistic steps. Yasmine said at the time, that she agreed to be associated with him secretly, and traveled to America, where her mother lives, to give birth to her first daughter, then she returned to Egypt after that and there were differences with her husband, and she separated from him for the first time, then began her artistic steps and achieved Success, and she returned to her husband after the reconciliation between them, but she was always complaining about his attachment to his wife and children.

She also revealed that her ex-husband was objecting to her permanent attachment to her artistic work, and leaving her daughter in America with her mother, but the big problem occurred after she revealed their marriage, which her husband rejected out of respect for his first wife, who belongs to an ancient family, and the divorce occurred.

It is worth noting that Yasmine Sabry separated from her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima during the past few days, as they sparked widespread controversy after each of them deleted the photos they collected with the other from their official pages, through social media.

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