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Illustration. (Antara/Irwansyah Putra.)

Procedures witr prayer This is done differently depending on the number of rakats to be done. The witr prayer is a sunnah prayer as the closing prayer that is performed at night.

Witr prayer is done in odd rakat. This is in accordance with the recommendation of Rasullullah SAW in the explanation of the hadith narrated by Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari.

The string is true. Whoever wishes, let him pray the Witr with five. And whoever wishes, let him pray the Witr with three. And whoever wishes, let him pray the witr with one

Meaning: “Witr is haqq. Anyone who wants to perform five rak’ahs is welcome, whoever wants to do three rak’ahs is allowed, and whoever wants to perform one rak’ah is welcome.” (HR Ibnu Majah)

The minimum number of rakats of witr prayer is one rakat and a maximum of 11 rakats. Here is the explanation in the hadith narrated from the wife of the Prophet SAW, Aisyah RA.

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, did not pray more than eleven rak’ahs in Ramadan or at any other time, so do not ask about their beauty or length He prays four, so do not ask about their beauty or length. Then he prays three.

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Meaning: “The Messenger of God SAW never increased the number in Ramadan nor in any month other than Ramadan from 11 rak’ahs. He prayed four rak’ahs with one salam. Do not be asked about the goodness and length. Then he prayed another four rak’ahs with one salam. Do not be asked about the good and length. Then he prayed three rak’ahs.” (HR Muslim)

The priority of witr prayer

1. The witr prayer is an additional sunnah prayer which is worth the reward.
2. The witr prayer concludes the evening prayers and completes the prayers that day.
3. Allah SWT really likes odd things, therefore Allah loves the witr prayer because the number is odd.
4. The witr prayer performed has a value greater than the value of a red camel, especially if it is performed before the time of the morning prayer.
5. Prayers that are said after witr prayer will be answered by Allah SWT.
6. The witr prayer performed in the third part of the night will be witnessed by angels.

The intention to pray one rak’ah of witr prayer alone

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He prayed the Sunnah of Witr as one rak’ah, facing the Qiblah, in obedience to God Almighty.

Latin: The Sunnah of the Witr Rak’at Mustaqbilal Qibla is adā’an lillāhi ta’ālā.

Meaning: “I intend to pray one rak’ah of the witr sunnah prayer for Allah Ta’ala.”

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The intention to pray three rak’ahs of witr prayer alone

I pray the Sunnah of Witr, three rak’ahs, facing the Qiblah, in fulfillment of devotion to God Almighty.

Latin: The sunnah of the witr prayer is the mustaqbilal qibla of the sunnah

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Meaning: “I deliberately pray the sunnah prayer of the three rak’ah witr prayers facing the Qibla because of Allah Ta’ala.”

Witr prayer procedures

1. Reading intentions.
2. Takbiratul ihram.
3. Read Surah Al-Fatihah.
4. Read a short letter.
5. Bow.
6. Potential.
7. Prostrate.
8. The end of life.
9. Salam.

Prayer after the witr prayer of one rak’ah

It is recommended to read the following dhikr 3 times.

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Glory be to the Holy King

It means, “Glory be to God, the Sovereign and the One.”

Then continue reading the following prayer.

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Allahumma innaa whoever is iimaanan daaimaan, whoever is khasyi’an qalban, whoever is naafi’an ilman, whoever is yaqiinan shaadiqon, whoever is shaalihan, whoever is religiously qayyiman, whoever is khairan katsiran, he was a ‘afwa wal’aafiyata, he was a tamamal ‘aafiyati, he was a yukra ‘alal ‘aafiyati, he was a ghinaa’a’aninnaasi.

Allahumma rabbanaa taqabbal minnaa shalaatanaa washiyaamaanaa waqiyaamaanaa watakhusy-syu’anaa watadhorru’anaa wata’abbudanaa watammim taqshiiranaa O Allahu O Allahu O Allahu O Allah the Most Merciful. Washallallahu ‘ala khairi khalqihi muhammadin wa’alaa aalihi washahbihiajma’iina, walhamdulillahirabbil’alamiina.

It means:

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“O Allah. Indeed, we ask you for steadfast faith, we ask you for a humble heart, we ask you for useful knowledge, we ask you for true belief, we ask you for righteous deeds , we ask you for a straight religion, we ask you for a lot of goodness, we ask you for forgiveness and peace, we ask you for perfect health, we ask you for gratitude for health, and we ask for -You are the richest of all people.”

“O Allah, our Lord. Accept from us our prayer, our fasting, our night prayer, our modesty, our humility, our worship. Perfect our negligence or deficiency, O Allah O Allah O Allah O Most Merciful of all May God’s mercy be upon the best of His creatures, Muhammad, his family and all his friends, and all praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds.” (Z-2)

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