This is what the last full moon of the year looks like; Mars is observed next to the natural satellite

The full Moon is the manifestation of the completion of a cycle, which occurs thanks to the movement of translation of the moon. Luna around of the Tierraaccording to Dr. José Franco, from the Institute of Astronomy (IA) of the UNAM.

The last of all lunar phases -he details- lasts an interval of 27.32 days. Therefore, each week represents one of the phases of the Moon (there are four), but its illuminated portion does not remain static during those seven days, but progresses gradually until it reaches a new phase.

The next lunar phase that will take place will be waning quarter, when half of the Moon’s surface is illuminated.

It should be noted that NASA confirmed that the planet Mars can be observed a few minutes behind the last moon of the year, this phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye, without the need for telescopes or binoculars

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