“This thing can’t be stopped!” – the doctors were horrified when they saw how it climbs out of Steam …

…my solo project, where you have to travel a lot, jump a lot, shoot a lot at monitors, spy on other people’s correspondence, and also manage the environment. And in this article, 5 of my Great Revelations are waiting for you.

The game is almost ready. It remains only to put it in order, test it and put it in order again. The release is planned for the next couple of months.

If you find it interesting, you are welcome to add it to your wishlist.

1 Great Revelation

Laziness defeated me. Therefore, in this article there is no exclusive media other than the text (in fact, the consequences are over here).

All videos inside the article are excerpts from the trailer, but still, if possible, check it out in its entirety. And since you suggested talking about it, let me tell you about the game itself.

Aero Star is a moderately hardcore runner (can you call a runner where you ride and not run?) with a constantly changing track, environment, conditions and mechanics. The highway along which the character rushes has no procedural generation. There is a slight random factor that regulates the position of obstacles in the transverse plane, but if we discard it, the entire track is completely scripted from start to finish.

In the game, you can (and you still need to successfully pass): dodge obstacles, jump over cliffs, remotely control the environment and track elements to adjust them to your needs, read mail, maneuver, make dashes in the air, jump on hanging platforms, choose how to break and much more.

First you do BUCK, and then BAMS, and then WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The main thing is not to do BDDYSH

I wanted to make the game varied so that each segment of the track was different from all the others. As a result, they really came out different, but because of this, some difficulties may arise in adapting to new conditions. In particular, there are a couple of moments that turn the gameplay upside down, a new control system appears and you have to get used to it. But I tried to smooth out such moments as much as possible, although it was not possible to make absolutely ideal transitions.

50 minutes – so much is needed to drive from the beginning to the end of the track. But these are extremely dynamic 50 minutes, which with a prevailing probability cannot be overcome the first time, and for some segments, additional practice may be required (checkpoints, of course, are attached, albeit with a non-critical nuance).

The game is not easy. But not edgy either. I want to offer the player a challenge, but not such that it takes half an hour to overcome 2 minutes of the track. With the right approach to understanding the concept and timely reaction, the game can be curbed. But just in case, keep in mind its complexity.

Laziness defeated me so much that I just throw pictures from Steam into the article.

2 Great Revelation

I am a humble person. It shows up in almost everything that concerns my life. But this is by no means a gift, but a curse.

Indeed, because of this, I will never be able to tell you that I single-handedly dragged the entire project in meager six months. I will not tell you that I independently worked out the entire scenario of the game, mechanics, game / art / audio designs (even if they are not on a large scale). Also, you will never know that all models, textures and shaders, all music were made from scratch by these hands and brains that are now printing this text. Code and debugging there. That I locked myself in the apartment for a month, not climbing out from behind the computer and living on food delivery, just to complete the vertical cut as soon as possible (okay, this is not entirely true, but the vector was striving to go there). The interface, the staging, the immense darkness of sleepless nights, forcing me to fit into the deadlines invented for myself as soon as possible – all this information will go with me to the grave and will never be made public.

Eh.. that would be a nice story. But due to my modesty, I will never be able to share this with you. It’s annoying.

Modest description.

3 Great Revelation

The age-old problem of single development is forever coming on the heels. This game is no exception.

While the game is just making – you get used to it. As a result, self-testing is more relevant for evaluating the technical and ideological component, but understanding the potential gaming experience is moderately abstract.

The first tests by third-party people with clear eyes showed that everything was bad, and I had to correct a number of elements and completely shovel checkpoints, which eventually became more.

But the results of each subsequent tests became better and better.

This is me stepping on new rakes over and over again in an attempt to make the game so that it does not feel like slag.

Furthermore. Because of the test results, I generally decided to add new large content to the game, which was not originally intended, thereby significantly deepening the concept (no specifics, because spoilers). It took a decent chunk of time, nerves and other resources, but now the game is a more balanced creation than it was in the first version.

Initially, I considered the option to announce a public test with payments for feedback and other nuances. But I realized that I was not ready for such a responsible decision now.

Maybe I’ll be ready next time with other games. Who knows.

One of the key mechanics. In the game, it is implemented much more versatile. Only the basics are shown here.

4 Great Revelation

If suddenly you know what happened during the release of the last game, namely what kind of event was taking place then (obsessive wink) – I think you can expect something similar during the release of this one. And if you suddenly don’t know or don’t understand what I’m talking about, you can find in my profile the corresponding articles from six months ago (well, if you want to read others, I tried on each one). And if you don’t want to look for anything, then just know that something is coming! Either way, don’t miss out. Only if everything is not covered due to organizational issues or third-party events.

If you look at the center for a long time, it will seem that it goes into the distance.

5 Great Revelation

In order to bring myself to some kind of stability and to be able to stand more firmly on my feet, I want to ask for your support.

I recently released soundtracks for 2 of my past games. Each for 49 ₽. This is my first paid content in my life and I will be extremely grateful to everyone who responded.

How does this relate to the topic of the article?

Everything is simple. If you buy both soundtracks before the end of November and write to me, I will gladly give you the key to the game immediately after its release. Its cost will be similar, so if you were planning to purchase the game, you have nothing to lose financially, even save a little.

But before the end of November, you need to confirm the purchase with screenshots with a receipt, where everything is clearly and unambiguously visible. You can even from several accounts – then I will send several keys. What you do with them is none of my business.

And if you suddenly buy a soundtrack, get a key and issue a refund – you should know: I agreed with Crowley – a separate lead cauldron with piranhas is being prepared for you in hell, and my music will be there as torture. So when making a refund, think about whether you need it.

Thank you all for your attention! Have a great weekend and I hope we get back together.

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