This will be the weather in Easter 2024 2024-04-17 18:46:35

June 2024

Normal temperatures initially and bad weather in the middle of the month 13-19 across the country and a gradual rise towards the end without phenomena.

July 2024

First half of the month with a prolonged period of high temperatures. In heat levels 19-25 of the month.

August 2024

First ten days with high temperatures in the south, normal in the northeast. 11-21 strong heat. 22-26 strong bad weather with storms from the west to the northeast and a noticeable drop in temperature. End of the month with improved weather and temperatures normal for the season.

What are Meromenia and how are they calculated?

Horoscopes are an ancient method of predicting the weather for the whole coming year. They show us the weather it will be in the area from where the observation is made, ie Evros has different weather and Corinth.

Rural people have preserved from generation to generation and for thousands of years the practical knowledge of studying and forecasting the weather.

By systematically examining some natural phenomena or “signs” in the sky, they could guess or “see” the Meromenia, that is, decipher the weather of the entire following year.

Meromania is disputed by official meteorology, which maintains that long-term predictions are not possible.

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