Thousands of Germans demonstrate against coronavirus restrictions

Protester in Berlin

Around 30 people were arrested on Saturday in front of the Reichstag building,

(Photo: Reuters)

Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart The police arrested around 30 people during a demonstration in front of the Berlin Reichstag building on Saturday for not complying with the rules for corona containment. The main issue was to determine the personal details because, despite the police announcement, too many people were in the square in front of the Reichstag or the minimum distance was not observed.

According to observations by a dpa photographer, people, including conspiracy theorists, protested at the rally that was announced, among other things, against restrictions to protect against corona infections.

The police were on site with 100 officers. According to a spokeswoman, a total of 1,000 emergency services are on the move throughout the city. 400 officials checked around the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz at the Volksbühne. Two demonstrations took place there in the afternoon, and according to the police, there were no incidents.

There were not only demonstrations in Berlin: around 3,000 people also demonstrated on Munich’s Marienplatz, sometimes in violation of all corona distance rules, against what they considered to be strict infection protection regulations in Bavaria and Germany. The demonstration had been registered, but only for 80 participants, said a spokesman for the Munich Police Headquarters.

More than 500 demonstrators also protested against the corona restrictions in Frankfurt on Saturday. They walked through the city center with banners and shouted “put your muzzle down”, “join in” and “resistance”.

According to police, the protests in Frankfurt were an unregistered rally. At times, more than 500 people took part, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters was sometimes not reached. According to the police, the police referred to this several times, but did not dissolve the demonstration.

“Vigils” in Stuttgart

In Stuttgart, about 5000 people had already taken to the streets last weekend. Originally, 50,000 participants had registered for the demo on Cannstatter Wasen, which was described as non-partisan. The city of Stuttgart put a stop to this: the demonstration was limited to a maximum of 10,000 participants.

This week, thousands of people in Stuttgart followed another call to demonstrate against the coronavirus restrictions. The police could initially not give an exact number of participants. However, it got quite crowded. There were no major problems. The requirements were mostly met, it remained peaceful.

Software entrepreneur Michael Ballweg had registered for the demonstration. Ballweg is the founder of the “Thinking Outside the Box 711” initiative, which aims to “lift the restrictions imposed by the Corona regulations”. On the homepage of the initiative there is talk of “vigils for the Basic Law”.

Ballweg’s regular demos have recently been well received. Nationwide, more and more similar protests are taking place. Critics fear that conspiracy theorists and right-wing populists will take it.

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  1. The coronavirus psyops is capitalists once again using a fake event to strip small businesses and the middle classes of wealth while pretending to be compassionate. Governments and their collaborators are lying to us daily on the media they own. They are degenerate psychopathic sadists who love to rule be scaremongering and chicanery. Masking up is a sign of slavery to these bastards.


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