Three books to get through the postpartum phase as well as possible

> In all sorority

What is the postpartum? On the one hand, Epinal’s image of the life of a woman who begins after giving birth; on the other, the taboo on the reality of motherhood, the cradle of major physical and emotional changes. Franco-Israeli sociologist Illana Weizman had “Took great care to silence the suffering experienced, to cope with it, to save appearances and to play the assigned role of the mother who knows how to manage”. And then, “An internal earthquake” – an advertisement for postpartum care products censored on the ABC channel during the Oscars in 2020 – prompted the co-creator of the hashtag #monpostpartum to speak in the press and on social networks, freeing up women’s voices: body in pain, physical and psychological symptoms ignored, lack of support… In a committed book, the sociology doctoral student takes stock of the post-partum situation and suggests political avenues for a better experience.

“This is our postpartum”, by Illana Weizman (Marabout, 2021, 224 p., 17,90)

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> Informed guide

“The Dream Life of the Postpartum” by Anna Roy.

The backdrop of the postpartum period, which can last from a few months to a few years, is not at all heavenly. Midwife Anna Roy is here neither to water down her point, nor to dramatize what does not need to be. Step by step, the creator of the “Sage-meuf” podcast this “All of the show, but also behind the scenes” of this body which has just given life: exit the maternal instinct – “Once and for all, the maternal instinct does not exist! “ -, place for the expulsion of the placenta, persistent contractions, and other lochia, episiotomy, return of childbirth, hemorrhoids, urination, breastfeeding … This professional, benevolent guide, punctuated by interviews with specialists, is full of advice and tips for “Take care of your body and therefore of your head”. Have your feet grown? “It’s because of relaxin, a hormone secreted during pregnancy that has the effect of stretching the ligaments. So the pelvis widens… and the feet stretch. “ And, like the postpartum period, this unusual phenomenon will dissipate.

“The Dreamed Life of the Postpartum”, by Anna Roy, with the collaboration of Caroline Michel (Larousse, 2021, 224 p., 15,95)

> Emotions bubbles

“The Replacing”, by Sophie Adriansen and Mathou.

Becoming a mother is a journey strewn with pitfalls, a journey that Marketa, the heroine of this comic strip, knew nothing about, starting with the painful contractions, the episiotomy, the breastfeeding of Zoe, this baby of which she only knows. do, the center of attention. The young mother feels unable to take on this new role. The idea of “Give back the baby” or to hire a replacement crosses his mind, she who is getting nowhere. Confused, doubting her abilities to become a loving mother, Marketa is exhausted and low in morale in a body that has become alien to her. Day after day, according to the bubbles of emotions of this comic with four hands, she goes beyond her apprehensions. “For maternity, there is no diploma. Each is doing their best. I did my best “, concludes Marketa. Touching truth and relieving guilt.

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