Tierra Brava: The Love Story of Arturo Longton and Shirley Arica

2023-11-09 02:12:08

Longley? Tierra Brava November 8, 2023

Fans will be heartbroken. One of Tierra Brava’s favorite couples has lost the field and it is likely that Maxley will not return. Now Shirley Arica has found a new romantic interest in La Leyenda, Arturo Longton. Will this couple manage to get up? Will they leave their respective beds to meet somewhere in the middle? Only time will tell.

When it seemed that Maxley had conquered the hearts of viewers and social networks were flooded with memes and comments about how good Max Cabezón looked with Shirley Arica, everything collapsed. The Peruvian has decided to look to the side and leave the pizza man and focus on a more mature and experienced man: Arturo Longton.

The tutito duo: Shirley Arica and Arturo Longton

Both are famous for their expertise in the horizontal position. Together they probably combine fewer hours worked than any of the other participants. They both have a fascinating tan. They both like each other. Arturo Longton and Shirley Arica have many things in common.

Tonight, after the dynamics of the votes from men to women, Arturo and Shirley had the option to talk. She, always sharp, did not buy his first jokes, but he enjoyed her disbelieving attitude.

In a funny flirtation move, Arturo took Shirley to the circle where Face to Face takes place. There he took advantage of pretending that he was nominating her, while she continued bending the rules in her favor. She was flirting too and stood closer than she was supposed to.

The tutito lovebirds had a moment later in which Shirley confessed to Arturo all the kisses she has given. That did clarify that he has only kissed people within the framework of the dynamics and contextually. Reality Girl doesn’t just give herself away like that.

This relationship has not gone unnoticed, in fact it has already generated comments among the other participants, who wondered what they were talking about so much. Meanwhile, Arturo confessed that, until now, he has never stood out on reality shows for being in love and that he “didn’t count on” finding love.

Will this be a good relationship for both of them? Will Longley be born? Will they both wake up in time to train the next day?

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