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TikTok, a popular short film platform in Europe and the United States, has driven some trends from time to time, attracting young users to imitate, and in line with the global release of the animated film “Mini Corps 2”, some netizens launched a #gentleminions pop-up event on TikTok, which was originally intended to imitate the young villains in the movie. The protagonist, dressed in a suit, entered the theater to watch the show, and made the protagonist’s signature gestures and actions to shoot and upload.

After the #gentleminions pop-up event spread on TikTok, it attracted young audiences in Europe and the United States to imitate it, but in the UK, it changed in quality. After entering the venue together, teenagers in suits entered the venue together, and they acted and cheered before the movie screening. Throwing debris during the screening will be a nuisance to other audience members. The British media pointed out that some theaters needed staff to intervene, and audiences who complained even decided to leave early. Although some netizens said they were not disturbed when they encountered the #gentleminions flash mob, young people were just spoofing outside the theater, and some children even took pictures with them.

However, the only theater in Guernsey, the British island, decided not to play “Mini Corps 2” anymore. The person in charge said that the audience participating in #gentleminions had done vandalism. Not only was it impolite to the staff, but some children even cried because of fright. After the incident was resolved, the audience Unwilling to re-enter the theater, the theater needs to compensate the affected audience for this, so the film’s screening period is cut in half. After widespread coverage of the incident, the theater decided to re-release the film.

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