TikToker explains how cutlery language works; this means every position

It is well known that in addition to words, body postures and the gestures They also transmit information that allows knowing the emotions or personality of any person, not for nothing in recent years we have seen specialists study body language of media characters, such as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as a result of their legal battle. But, Did you know that the position of the cutlery has a meaning?

Tiktoker goes viral for explaining cutlery language (TikTok).

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Tiktoker goes viral for explaining cutlery language (TikTok).

It turns out that in the world of gastronomy, forks or knives help the diner to express if they are satisfied with the service or did not like the food, just this other use speaks tiktoker Luz Blancheta host who became known for her work in Telehit.

Although the cutlery is arranged in a certain way on the table, they also have their own language, and for this reason, here we explain what each position means.

I’m still eating

If you leave the knife and fork on the plate slightly apart, you are indicating to the waiter that you are still eating.

next course

The cutlery in the middle of the plate forming a cross means that you are ready for the next dish, so the waiter will take your plate even if it has food.

i liked the food

How to say that you loved a dish? You should put the knife and fork in parallel, both pointing towards the edge of the table, while the handle of the cutlery should be on the diner’s left side.


To signal to the waiter that you have stopped eating, you have to place the cutlery parallel to each other and perpendicular to the table with the handles pointing towards you; They can be horizontal or vertical.

don’t take the plate

Surely it has happened to you that you have not finished your food yet and without further ado the waiter takes the plate. You can avoid this if you leave the cutlery at an angle of 90 degrees, interlocking the tines of the fork with the knife.

I did not like

And finally, to make it known that you did not like the food, cross the tips of both cutlery on the plate, forming a peak and without the handles touching the tablecloth.


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