Tini Stoessel’s unexpected reaction to being surprised by a fan who got on stage

Tini Stoessel’s unexpected reaction after a fan got on stage (Video: Twitter @TINlnews)

Without a doubt, Tini Stoessel He is in one of the best moments of his career. not only just released “Fantasy”his new theme with Beéle, but is also in the middle of a great tour that covers Argentina and also several cities in other Latin American countries. It was precisely in the middle of this tour that the singer experienced a tense moment with a fan.

It all started on Saturday night, during the show he gave at the Laguna Alalay Fairgrounds, in Cochabamba, Bolivia. While the former Violet interpreted “Damn Photo” -the song he did as a duet with Manuel Turizo -, unexpectedly one of her followers went up on stage and hugged her from the back, at waist level.

At first, the sudden gesture surprised the artist, who seemed to be scared. Immediately, her security personnel came out to help her and try to keep the fan away from her, but she Tini had an attitude that moved her entire audience: He took her hand and hugged her, prompting a standing ovation from the entire stadium.. In addition, she whispered a few words in his ear just before the officers made her get out and go back to her place. Then, the pop star continued to give her concert as normal.

“Thank you Cochabamba for this beautiful night. My first shows in Bolivia with my tour, what happiness, we had a wonderful time, thank you! See you tomorrow in Santa Cruz de la Sierra ”, she wrote hours later in her stories of Instagram.

Tini Stoessel thanked the people of Cochabamba for the love received

Meanwhile, in recent weeks Stoessel was romantically linked to the footballer Rodrigo DePaul. However, at a press conference that she gave prior to her presence at the Villa María Festival, she took the opportunity to end speculation about her sentimental status. At that time, a journalist asked her about her relationship with Sebastian Yatra and she not only denied it, but claimed to be alone. “We are not, we have a very nice relationship, many things have happened since we met, 5 or 6 years ago, and we have experienced a lot of things. There’s a lot of love but I’m single right now“, he pointed.

In November, during an interview with Teleshow, had referred to the situations of heartbreak that he experienced in the past. “It has happened to me to feel the broken heart. It’s a very ugly feeling, but there comes a time when….it’s like you feel bad, bad and there comes a day when you realize you didn’t cry. And also the fact of understanding that there are people and loves that are not for life, and sometimes it is difficult for us to let go a little and understand it. I am not going to get so deep either, but it is to understand that sometimes they are for a moment, that life goes on and we have to go out and have fun, take advantage of the fact that we are alive and that we can move on, ”she had said.

And he had talked about some criticism he receives: “I still there are wounds that today I understand that I am healing and that I continue to heal since when I was a girl. The look of others who judge you and think something, I don’t know how many things… It’s not easy, but when you understand that you are respecting the rest, you are respecting yourself and you are not doing anything wrong… and you understand that criticism or that hatred is not something against you, but is something personal to that person, and you learn to separate and not take it personally”.


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