Tips and Tricks: Posing like a pro – it’s guaranteed to work that way

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters know exactly how to bring out the best in the photo.


published23. August 2022, 19:00

Tips and TricksPosing like a pro – it’s guaranteed to work that way

No more standing in front of the lens like a stiff statue – we’ll show you how to come across as confident and relaxed in every picture.

You know it: as soon as someone points the camera at you, you suddenly forget how a normal and natural posture actually works. You are far from alone in this.

Even if the photos of stars, influencers and maybe even your loved ones look like they just posed in front of the camera, this is often not the case. Posing is a skill and you can learn it. We’ll show you how to navigate various photo situations.

In the group photo

Capturing the beautiful moments in a snapshot with friends – how beautiful! Instead of trying to hide behind your loved ones, Tiktokerin and posing coach Christine Buzan recommends that everyone in the picture choose a different pose. So that you still appear as a unit, touch each other on the shoulder.

That could look something like that with the “Riverdale” stars Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch and Camila Mendes.

Photographer and tiktoker David Suh also gives tips on how you and your friends can look relaxed and cool in the picture. His tip: spread out and take on different poses, ideally at different heights. So one of you is standing, maybe one person is sitting in a chair and another person is crouching. The result could look something like this.

Posing professional Christine Buzan has another piece of advice for tall people: “Instead of bending down in the photo, just stand a little wider, distribute your weight on one leg and lean your hips in that direction.” So you can cheat away a few centimeters of your size if you want.

For the selfie

You can’t always fall back on friends or friendly strangers for the snapshot. That’s what the selfie is for. A simple tool for a successful self-portrait is the mirror.

According to posing expert Christine Buzan, one of the most important things when taking a mirror selfie is the right light. So that the mirror is next to a light source. You hold the mobile phone at chest height, the lens may also be directed slightly downwards. You turn your body slightly so that there is already some movement in the picture. Roughly like this:

The right starting position looks like here with stylist Pernille Teisbaek.

For concrete poses in front of the mirror, photographer David Suh simply advises crossing your legs slightly and resting the foot with the tip. Or you can make yourself comfortable cross-legged. The Tiktoker shows more options in the video.

The brave may even dare a mirror selfie à la Emili Sindlev, a Danish influencer.

If you don’t run around with a selfie stick or ring light in your handbag, Selena Gomez has a pro tip for the perfect selfie exposure. Simply ask a friend with a cell phone flashlight to put more light behind the camera.

If you want to get your crush’s virtual attention, Tiktoker David Suh has the recipe for the perfect Thirst Trap ready for you. This is: The light should shine on you from the side, raise or lower your head slightly, find your favorite angle and last but not least: Be convinced that you are super hot.

For the perfect holiday photo

So that you don’t just stand in front of the sights like a little lost Playmobil figurine, it’s good for the composition if you bring movement into the photo. So, for example, walk a few steps or use your bag as a prop and swing it to the beat of your steps. Posing coach Christine Buzan shows how it’s done.

The result can look something like this here with the British-French influencer Camille Charrière.

If you feel silly posing for photos like this, you can also just record a video of yourself and take a screenshot at the right spot. If the whole thing is slightly blurry, that’s not a problem either. Blurry Photos are in fact trendy anyway.

Are you standing in front of a large object and want to take a picture of yourself with it? Set your phone to panorama mode for an exciting photo. Instead of taking your photo vertically, you now simply take it horizontally. Tiktokerin biabeible shows how it’s done.

For the photo with your Gspusi

So that the perfect picture with your partner doesn’t look boring, Tiktokerin Christine Buzan advises that you stand behind your partner and hug her. The person being hugged brings dynamism to the picture with a bent knee.

For couples with a height difference, Tiktoker David Suh recommends that one person stand a little wider. The other person turns and leans against the standing person. She puts her arm around the person leaning against it and voila!

Another tip from the posing pro, which also works for couples who are camera-shy: just let yourself be photographed walking!

It doesn’t matter which of these poses you try: the main thing is that you feel comfortable and you can capture good memories.

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