TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG “Editorial” from November 1, 2023 by Karin Leitner “Social Responsibility”

2023-10-31 23:00:46

No more gestures of concern over femicide. Look and act to prevent violence in all forms.

Innsbruck (OTS) The world situation is shocking. Violence, violence, violence. Also in this country. Against women. The 24th femicide this year. Again and again: the perpetrators are men. Partner, ex-partner. Now a Lower Austrian is said to have shot his lover. The suspect who subsequently killed himself was an FPÖ politician. So no “foreigner”, which the Blues constantly refer to in this context. An Austrian murdered an Austrian woman. The Freedom Party should refrain from trying to make political capital out of the killing of women. It is not just about “taking a culture-specific approach into account when combating femicide,” as the Vienna FPÖ believes. It’s about protection regardless of the nationality of the perpetrators. Women from all walks of life, both the wealthy and the financially weak, are affected. Action against these could possibly be prevented if not ignored. For example, from neighbors during audible arguments and fights. Added to this is the shame of abused people. Many people don’t want to report to the authorities because they fear being labeled as “anti-social” because of the chatter in their environment – and because they are afraid of the man’s reaction. Injuries such as bruises are explained as clumsiness. And women are sometimes not believed by police officers. As the attackers also say, they were provocative. They are to blame for the escalation. They are not. There is no justification for attacks. There are once again gestures of concern from those in power – and references to an increase in the budget for protection against violence. What is required is social responsibility: take a look. Dismay comes too late.

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