“To whom the Marcianeke sing”: Inspector Vallejo reveals new background of “Lucho Plátano”

José Miguel Vallejo, better known as Inspector Vallejo, revealed new information about the figure of “Lucho Plátano”, the main suspect in the murder of commissioner Daniel Valdéswho was shot in the commune of La Cisterna.

A week after the crime that shakes the PDI, the dangerous antisocial of 20 years would have the hours counted as a fugitive. In fact, the police believe that he would be hiding somewhere in the capital.

And although the name of Luis Vásquez Villegas (his true identity) would be linked to a series of crimes, the former face of television explained that the latter could set a precedent and “favor” his image in the criminal world.

“Lucho Plátano has worshipers in three towns who give everything to hide him. He is the prototype of the idol to whom the Marcianeke sing and the king with a throne secured in all the penal precincts of Chile”, affirmed the former PDI.

Will it set a precedent?

In addition, Vallejo explained that “if he dies facing the police he will have a tremendous funeral and, if he is captured alive, in a short time he will have a substitute sentence and will regain his freedom.”

Of course, he clarified that “the most serious thing is that it has set a precedent: ‘if you want to be really important in the underworld and its worshipers, the formula is to kill Policemen!’”.

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