[Today’s Yahoo Focus]Lin Zhijian’s thesis proposal, the first speech of the president of National Taiwan University

Today’s Yahoo focus is “Lin Zhijian’s dissertation case The President of National Taiwan University made the first speech”, the 10 news that netizens are most concerned about and most discussed today are as follows:

★ Lin Zhijian’s dissertation case, National Taiwan University President’s first speech

The DPP Taoyuan mayoral candidate Lin Zhijian’s master thesis of the National Development Institute of National Taiwan University was suspected of plagiarism, which seriously damaged the reputation of National Taiwan University. The president of National Taiwan University, Guan Zhongmin, spoke out about the thesis case for the first time in an interview with this newspaper yesterday…<Full text

★ Tire line 8 suspects recovered and confessed to the case

On June 15th, an arson tragedy occurred in a tire shop on Dongda Road, Hsinchu City. The suspect was Chen Yanxiang, the second son of the owner. Because of a quarrel with his parents, he bought gasoline and burned the whole family in frustration, resulting in the death of 8 close relatives… <Full text

★ In summer, the hotter and colder air than Taiwan becomes a rarity

Since June, record-breaking heat waves have hit all over Europe. Not only France and Spain have experienced high temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius, but the dry weather has also caused forest fires in many areas…<Full text

★ Chen Shuangquan announced to quit the party: the Kuomintang has changed

The Kuomintang Central Committee passed the proposal of the Party Central Committee’s Election Strategy Report today to recruit the current Penghu County Mayor Lai Fengweipin for re-election. Since Chen Shuangquan, the deputy speaker of Penghu County, also intends to fight for the party’s nomination…<Full text

★ The businessman shouted: The mainland is wrong to move

Looking back at the beginning of the trade war, Taiwan’s electronics industry was scattered from China to Southeast Asian countries. At that time, Vietnam was only favored by the Netcom industry and two assembly plants; however, four years later, Taiwan’s fifth electronics brother……<Full text

★ “Municipal Need Commander” Cai announced his call-up

This afternoon, the Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party passed the call for Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong to run for mayor of Taipei and former Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong to run for mayor of New Taipei. Party Chairman Tsai Ing-wen said that Chen Shizhong and Lin Jialong formed a “double north double arrow”… <Full text

★ Rain area expands!Severe weather expected from Friday

The Central Meteorological Administration stated that the cloud system in the south moved northward today, and the water vapor increased. There were local short-lived showers in the southeastern area on the windward side and the Hengchun Peninsula, and it was cloudy to clear in other areas.Full text

★ 49 dead…29849 local 133 moderately severe

Zhuang Renxiang, a spokesman for the Central Epidemic Command Center, announced that there were 29,849 new local cases in China today, and the number of confirmed cases increased by 133 cases of severe disease (87 cases of moderate disease and 46 cases of severe disease), of which 49 people died … <Full text

★ Shocking!Tsinghua Unigroup restructures Hon Hai Group for a stake

Tsinghua Unigroup, a well-known semiconductor company in mainland China, introduced new funds for restructuring after its bankruptcy. Hon Hai Group’s FII (FII) was listed on the list of new funds, with a total investment of about 9.8 billion yuan…<Full text

★ Ke commented on Cai Bingkun’s illness, and his former staff sighed with chills

Taipei City Deputy Mayor Cai Bingkun suffered a hemorrhagic cerebral stroke. Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe said a few days ago that this was related to being pissed off by Culture Minister Li Yong. Lin Heming, deputy secretary general of the Democratic Progressive Party, questioned today… <Full text

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