Tommy Portugal: Magaly Medina accuses Gisela Valcárcel of wanting to ‘steal’ María Fernanda Véliz’s case: “She wants a reconciliation show” The big star VIDEO FARANDULA | SHOWS

WHAT? Magaly Medina affirmed that the production of Gisela Valcárcel contacted María Fernanda Véliz, Tommy Portugal’s daughter, to offer him a position in The Great Star. The “magpie” questioned that they want to take the case to another channel.

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“One of the things that its very creative production has thought about is taking on a theme of mine (…) Also the production of América Hoy, that is, I have to do the work for them, we have to investigate the case (…) They want to take the case of Tommy Portugal and his daughter, a girl they also had in the casting for The Great Star”, express.

On the eve, Tommy Portugal’s daughter revealed that her father never supported her in her musical career and was distant in her role as a father.

Magaly accuses Gisela of wanting to “steal” Tommy Portugal’s daughter’s case:

Magaly Medina accuses Gisela Valcárcel: “She wants a reconciliation show”

In addition, Magaly Medina indicated that María Fernanda did make a casting for The Great Star and that it did not happen, but at what time the case became mediatic they are looking for her to do a “show”.

“She was doing a casting for The Great Star, they did not accept her (…) When she comes to talk about her musical career, about the distance that separates her and the cumbiambero Tommy Portugal, now they want to take her away, make a whole show of a reconciliation with the father, they want to make her sing. how desperate you have to do”, he stated.


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