‘Tong’ led the team to bring the QC Games home. Hope to serve the nation for 2 more terms

‘Tong’ led the team to bring the QC Games home. Hope to serve the nation for 2 more terms

On May 23, at Suvarnabhumi Airport, “Big Hong” Mr. Sunthorn Jarumon, President of the Billiards Association of Thailand, along with Pol Maj. Gen. Disatat Puriprachot, Vice President and Commissioner of the Association, and Mr. Sakda
Rattanasuban, Vice-President of the Association welcomed and congratulated on the success of the Thai army, team manager and coaches who returned from the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam. By winning 1 gold medal from 15 red snooker “Tong Sitchoi” Wattana Phuobom, a favorite of Thai people and 8 bronze medals, the atmosphere of welcoming heroes is warm. There was a mother, Ployrung, Phu Oom, who came to pick up Tong, the student Choi and many other families.

Big Hong said Congratulations to the Q Sport team. Everyone who creates success makes people happy. Achievements of 1 gold medal, 8 bronze medals, are considered to be in line with the goals that have been set. Must have to give this success to Chaipong Kromsurom, team manager and Tong Sitchoi, who won the gold medal. including all athletes who have been striving to practice for a long time The association is preparing to host a celebration party for everyone on Wednesday 25 May at the Ho Kitchen Rama 3 restaurant.

While “Tong Sit Choi”, the historical gold medal hero in serving his own national team, he feels happy today It was his honor once again serving in the national team. which he had thought for a long time that if served
The national team will have to achieve success. because he used to compete in the Asian Games that Thailand hosted about 24 years ago. He’s not doing a good job at all. So it’s something that I’ve always thought of. On the first day of the competition He saw the table and it was difficult to bet, he thought to do his best work. But in the end, he was able to win a gold medal for the team. After this, he will be in the national team again or not, it depends on the association. Because he is now 52 years old, but wants to serve for the national team in the SEA Games for two more times.

Mr. Chaipong Kromsurom, the team manager, revealed that he would like to thank all the athletes who came together to win this success. and thanks to the Billiards Association of Thailand who gave him the opportunity to be a team manager after this, he prepares to find a good day to give injections for this success, about 1 million baht

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