“Toonme”, here is the application that turns you into a Pixar animated character

Have you always wondered what your face would be like if you were a hero of a Pixar animated film? Toonme did it for you. Riding on the release of the latest film from Californian studios, Soul, broadcast on Disney +, the application for smartphones is causing a sensation today. Available for free, Toonme allows you to have your avatar with cartoonish features of Pixar. As below with the now famous Professor Raoult.

Here is the result on the stars. From Scarlett Johansson to Joe Biden via François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy or Jenifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Allen and Katy Perry. All pass there, Internet users are having a blast because the result is sometimes bluffing, sometimes failed or surprising (chef Philippe Etchebest who looks like … Harvey Weinstein!). Even our Red Devils Romelu Lukaku and Radja Nainggolan have already had the favors of being caricatured in Pixar mode. Just like Elio Di Rupo who tried it in person via his Twitter account.

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