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Sometimes you need to know which are the biggest YouTube channels in the WORLD and also in BRAZIL. We separate some lists so that you have this information updated, from month to month. Then enjoy this service of ours for you.

It is no longer a novelty that thousands of people are managing to set up a true career on YouTube, the site is no longer just a platform where videos are posted unpretentiously when some different scene is recorded through the lens of a camera, now, posting video on YouTube becomes made a job with potential much more profitable than television itself.

The so-called “YouTubers”, manage in most cases to obtain good money to maintain their family and have a life with great comfort, so to speak, because many of them manage through the platform to reach a good number of subscribers on their channel and views on your videos and this entails a very significant financial return. With that in mind, we decided to bring you some lists, the reader, showing the biggest YouTubers in Brazil and the world, shall we start?

Biggest YouTube channels in the WORLD

The biggest YouTube channels may vary based on the rating criteria, but some of the most popular channels include the T-Series channel, the PewDiePie channel, the KondZilla channel, the SET India channel and the 5 channel -Minute Crafts. These channels have millions of subscribers and millions of views on their videos.

We separate the lists as follows, channels with the most views and also channels with the most subscribers. The lists are also separated by worldwide channels and channels only from Brazil. So enjoy all the content in just one place.

Biggest youtube channels in the world

Here are the top 10 YouTube channels in the world, ordered by the number of subscribers to their channels.

    1. T-Series: 235 million subscribers
    2. Cocomelon – Nursei Rhymes: 153 million subscribers
    3. SET India: 151 million subscribers
    4. MrBeast: 131 million subscribers
    5. PewDiePie: 111 million subscribers
    6. Kids Diana Show: 107 million subscribers
    7. Like Nastya: 104 million subscribers
    8. WWE: 93.1 million subscribers
    9. Vlad and Nike: 93 million subscribers
    10. Zee Music Company: 92 million subscribers

Channels with the most VIEWS in the world:

Here are the top 10 YouTube channels in the world, ordered by the amount of views on their channels.

  1. T-Series 214 billion views
  2. Cocomelon – Nursey Rhymes 150 billion views
  3. SET India 138 billion views
  4. Sony SAB 91 billion views
  5. Like Nastya 87 billion views
  6. Kids Diana Show 87 billion views
  7. WWE 73 billion views
  8. Vlad and Niki 72 billion views
  9. Movieclips 59 billion views
  10. Colors TV 58 billion views

Largest Youtube channels in BRAZIL

The biggest YouTube channels in Brazil include the KondZilla channel, the Felipe Neto channel, the Whindersson Nunes channel and the KondZilla channel. These channels have millions of subscribers and millions of views on their videos. They are known for their music videos, comedy, vlogs, and more.

Biggest Brazilian channels on Youtube

Here are the top 10 YouTube channels in Brazil, ordered by the number of SUBSCRIBERS on their channels.

  1. Canal KondZilla: 66.4 million subscribers
  2. Felipe Neto: 44.8 million subscribers
  3. Did you know?: 44,1 million subscribers
  4. whindersonnunes: 44 million subscribers
  5. LUCAS NETO: 38.8 million subscribers
  6. GR6 Explode: 38.4 million subscribers
  7. Maria Clara & JP: 35.7 million subscribers
  8. Painted Chicken: 32.4 million subscribers
  9. rezendeevil: 31.6 million subscribers
  10. Renato Garcia: 26.3 million subscribers

Brazilian channels with the most views on YouTube:

Here are the top 10 YouTube channels in Brazil, ordered by the amount of VIEWS on their channels.

  1. Canal KondZilla: 37 billion views
  2. GR6 Explode: 24 billion views
  3. Painted Chicken: 24 billion views
  4. Maria Clara & JP: 22 billion views
  5. Lucas Neto: 21 billion views
  6. Marilia Mendonca: 17 billion views
  7. Felipe Neto: 16 billion views
  8. Bita World: 15 billion views
  9. Henry and Julian: 13 billion views
  10. Monica’s Gang: 13 billion views

These are some data about the main YouTube channels in Brazil and in the world, if you want to know them, just click on their names in the tables and, in a new tab, the page of each one of them will appear in your browser.

All the information presented in this article was obtained from the Social Blade website, which provides statistical data for any YouTube channel. If you have any questions about the content presented, leave them in the comments below, we will answer you as soon as we can!

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