Top 5 popular cancers among men and women with protection methods away from cancer

Health problems have become a top concern for many people today amid the epidemic of infectious diseases. both old emerging diseases, new emerging diseases and mutate quickly, not every day until following the treatment or prevention guidelines The obvious is the spread of the Covid-19 virus, but at the same time, non-communicable diseases like “Cancer” still reigning champion A serious disease that has been causing concern to people all over the world continues to this day. With a high mortality rate, from the numbers estimates that during the past year It found that 5.12 million people have died from cancer, and as far back as 2020, as many as 10 million people have died from cancer, according to Globocan’s estimates of collecting data from 185 countries. If not counting the death rate from accidents Cancer has remained the leading cause of death in Thailand for more than 20 years, from 1999 to the present, according to the National Cancer Institute. It also reflects the number of Thai people dying from cancer. The average number of new cancer cases is 221 a day, or 80,665 a year, and when digging into the data, the average number of new cancer cases is 336 a day, or 122,757 a year, and it’s getting closer every day. When actors and artists Get sick and die from cancer today more often.

Dr. Thanut Kuai Charoenpanich, Director of Chewamitra Cancer Hospital The first private hospital specializing in cancer in the Northeast provides information that when comparing the rates of cancer patients during the past year. Instead, it was found that every day there were more Thai people with new cancer cases than last year. which is a signal that reflects the way of life of people today with daily living habits that bring themselves closer to cancer unconsciously, such as drinking alcohol heavy smoking and stress on a regular basis From job, financial and family pressures, it’s clear that cancer is no longer far away. Everyone has a chance of getting cancer. and there is a risk of death It depends on how advanced the cancer is. Therefore, it is important to focus on preventive care for those who have not been diagnosed with cancer. And being able to take care of yourself with timely and appropriate treatment according to the stage of cancer is therefore something that should be realized and given importance.

The most common cancer in men

The most common cancer in Thailand Divided into cancer in men, found an average of 169.3 people per 100,000 people, ranked 15th in Asia by the top 5 cancers in males.

1. Cancer of the liver and bile ducts
2. Lung cancer
3. Colon and rectal cancer
4. Prostate Cancer
5. Lymphoma

The most common cancer in women

while cancer in women From statistics, there are 151 cases of cancer per 100,000 people, ranked 18th in Asia. The most common cancer in women is

1. Breast cancer
2. Liver and bile duct cancer
3. Cervical cancer
4. Colon and rectal cancer
5. Lung Cancer

How to prevent and avoid cancer

The Buddhist proverb that “Arokaya Parama Lapa” or “No disease is a great fortune” is still a true sentence until now. because of good quality of life is what everyone desires So everyone can start adjusting their behavior. taking into account the protection to stay away from cancer with 4 items:

1. Reduce, quit smoking, make important behavior changes. Reduce the risk of lung cancer and other diseases caused by smoking
2. Eat nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables rich in the vitamins and minerals needed to fight cancer.
3. Exercise more, 30 minutes at a time, 5 days a week. Help reduce the risk of many types of cancer, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer. and colon and rectal cancer.
4. Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, cleaning agents. Gasoline is loaded with dangerous chemicals that have been linked to cancer, for example.

danger signal cancer risk

In addition to prevention, taking care of yourself and observing physical abnormalities is also one of the important things. Should regularly check for abnormalities in the body with regular health checks. It is a help signal in advance of cancer. so that we can quickly establish a foundation to deal with cancer, including:

1. Digestive system malfunction, difficult to digest or difficult to excrete for a long time, such as constipation alternating with diarrhea. Bloody urine, etc.
2. Abnormal bleeding, such as frequent vaginal bleeding or nosebleeds
3. A chronic wound that does not heal in 3 weeks
4. A lump on the breast or body, a growing mole or discoloration
5. Chronic cough or hoarseness
6. The body is deteriorating. unintentional weight loss
7. Decreased hearing performance or chronic tinnitus, etc.

detecting these signals Enables analysis of cancer treatments. as well as increasing the chance of healing to be more normal

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