Top 5 ways to add bitcoin to your investment portfolio!

Bitcoin is alphanumeric money that is highly increasing in popularity. Undoubtedly, this digital currency is constantly encountering some wild swings in its value. But the volatility of Bitcoin is the reason that makes this Bitcoin market so exciting. Some people are making millions from Bitcoin. You can also be one of them if you use the right strategies to make money from Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the magical currency that can give you a high return on your investment which you didn’t expect. It is a way of paying for things that exist virtually. It uses a decentralized network known as a blockchain for tracking the transaction of the Bitcoin digital currency. Blockchain is the public ledger of every transaction which takes place in Bitcoin. If you think of adding Bitcoin to your investment portfolio, you can follow these five ways to buy bitcoins. Everyone needs to know this and can know it through a website like

Crypto exchange

Crypto exchanges are one of the popular ways of buying Bitcoin. The Bitcoin traders offer a lot of advantages to the traders. However, there are many Bitcoin exchanges, so you have to look for the one that offers you the best features. The first benefit of using the Bitcoin exchange for buying Bitcoin is that they offer the lowest possible price for trading Bitcoins, so these are your perfect option if you are looking to trade Bitcoins. The second benefit you get is that many Bitcoin exchanges don’t tend to charge spread markups which means there are no hidden fees for trading prices. The third and most impressive benefit you get is that many Bitcoin exchanges offer the Bitcoin wallets that allow you to keep your Bitcoins in the exchange only securely. However, you should know that the piece of Bitcoin exchanges can differ from one platform to another, so it is good for you to find the one that offers the best combination of fees, services, and customer support.

Trading apps

You will be glad to know that now you can pick some Bitcoins without direct commission by using the trading apps available on the internet. The trading apps are the perfect option for buying Bitcoin as you don’t have to pay for direct commission; however, you will pay higher spread markup, similar to bitcoin exchanges. The best thing is that using a bitcoin trading app is not that difficult, and you can easily directly buy Bitcoin. You can also buy stocks using trading apps. You need to know that there is a spread markup of approximately 1% on every transaction you make with Bitcoin. Therefore, you can consider trading apps for buying Bitcoin as it is an easy option.

Bitcoin ATMs

Another option for buying Bitcoin is directly from the Bitcoin ATM. These ATMs are the most convenient way of buying Bitcoin from cash. However, you will have to pay much higher commissions and pay in any other form of investment source. You should also know that you will require a bitcoin wallet to make transactions through Bitcoin ATM. Again, the commissions might be expensive, but ATMs are one of the fastest and most secure ways of making transactions, and you can buy Bitcoin with utmost ease.

Financial apps

Various financial apps are now allowing you to buy a Bitcoin. PayPal and Venmo are two top-rated financial apps that make it very easy for people to buy or sell Bitcoin by using the app. You will have to pay 0.50 dollars for each trade. Moreover, there are spread markups on the Bitcoin trades, but you will not have to pay the fees of holding the Bitcoins in your PayPal account. The finest fact is that you can as well trade as little as a dollar on this app. The fees of both platforms are similar, so you can pick any podium you like.

Traditional broker

The brokers are the most traditional way of buying assets, and you can also buy Bitcoins from the traditional brokers. The broker charges you 10.02 dollars for every future contract, and it gives you the exposure for owning 5 Bitcoins. Even if you want to trade Bitcoin directly, you will have to pay the commission, which charges from 0.12 to 0.18 per cent of your trading volume. Brokers help buy Bitcoins, but you must ensure they are reputed and reliable.

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