Top Photography Trends to be Aware of in 2021

The advancement of technology has been prominent in the rise of the photography industry. Photography trends are dictated by many things: the visual style of photographers, the ability for images to work with other design elements, techniques that are gaining popularity in projects and even things such as social media filters. Clients are always looking for something new. By using images that others don’t have, it assures that their products are one of a kind in the market. 


Understanding top photography tends in the industry can be incredibly helpful. From wedding shoots to product photography, knowing what to shoot gives you a benefit amidst your competitors. With such a wide area of photography, if you are looking for tips on fashion photography, here are some different styles of fashion you could look into. With all of the changes, this past year has brought for people around the world many photo trends will no longer be relevant to the way we are living right now. Let’s dive deep into unique photography trends you’ll be seeing this year.




In a Silhouette you can see a close up of a person framed in light or a wider angle focussing on the background and the silhouetted person (or people) serves as more of an accent in the image. This trend is created using backlighting where there is no light coming from behind the camera and your subject is positioned in front of a strong light source. The beauty of Silhouettes is that they are open to interpretation. By reducing your subject to a shape, people can project themselves into the world that you depict in your photo. What’s nice about these images is that they can provide different areas of focus, such as a scene, without highlighting the individual in the image. 

(Top Photography Trends to be Aware of in 2021, credit: Pixabay)


Social Distancing


The world has adapted to social distancing and mask wearing due to the pandemic. Businesses still need to move on for their social media content.  so ask your photo subjects to maintain 6 feet of distance and to wear their masks correctly. Many clothing businesses have added masks to their product line, so fashion photography trends will likely continue to include masks. This is something we will see a lot this year as it is a representation of our current environment. 


Solo outdoor shoot 


Since the COVID-19 pandemic people’s lives have been halted and many people have turned towards nature for active adventures like jogging, hiking, camping, etc. It has spurred a new photography trend allowing people to tune off from the world and capture some breathtaking views of nature. Nature can be used as a backdrop no matter what niche you specialize in. Solo outdoor photography can also result in some outdoor-based product lines and businesses. Just remember to make sure you do your research on your location, weather before you step out into the wild so you can leave with all the photos you intended to take.


Public Art 


With street artists filling the gap as galleries and museums closed this lockdown. This photography trend often includes a human subject along with street art, as it can be a powerful background for portraits. These photos are often bright and fun with a lot of focus on an art element, such as a mural or graffiti. The subject of the photo might be clearly defined or just provide a hint of human connection, such as the image above that features only hands against a strong artistic background. Color, depth, and a sense of creativity power these images. You can scroll through relevant hashtags on social media to scope out the best locations in your city.


Bird eye view


Drones were a trend even before the pandemic and it is likely to be a more prominent trend this year. Drones can be expensive,  so do your research and choose equipment that fits your level of experience as a photographer. The built in camera allows you to capture some incredible bird eye views. So before you jump onto this plan, make sure you are familiar with the rules and regulations at your location.


360 degree photography 


This trend has become very common in architectural and Ecommerce photography. The trend feature allows a viewer or consumer to see an entire room or building in one image using multiple angles. With modern technology, this is a very easy thing to do. With specialized devices, you can set up the process on your smartphone and leave it to do its thing. 


Soft Blur


Photos that feature depth and focus are a trending style. Depth of field is a photography expression that refers to how much of the photo is in focus. A shallow depth of field means that your foreground is clear, but the entire background is blurry. This photo trend helps to emphasize the focal point of your image and communicate the story you are attempting to portray.  Blur helps create depth of field in the background while helping the eye move to the part of the image that’s most important for the design.




The use of bright colours is popular in commercial, food and product photography trends. When you bring bright colors into your images, choose tones that complement your client’s brand and products. Combine more colorful elements with minimalism, making sure that every component you choose to include will work well with each other so that your photographs don’t become overwhelming to look at. With good backgrounds, foregrounds and a bright accent, users will be drawn to your photos and it can help them understand your photos better. 

(Top Photography Trends to be Aware of in 2021, credit: Pixabay)




What’s cool about Cinemagraphs are still images with a hint of motion. The trend is that images surprise the user just enough to keep them engaging with the design. Photos have plenty of depth, balance, and visual interest in this style that only works with digital design projects.


Now that you know all about the newest trends that you can apply to your film photography, real estate photography or even the images you take to share on your social networks, get out there and take some beautiful pictures!


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