Toto Wolff impressed by the attitude of his two pilots

Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff, expressed his admiration for the “positive” and “productive” relationship between his two drivers this season despite the difficulties the reigning world champion team is facing.

After the fourth round of last season, the Mercedes team led the Constructors’ Championship with 141 points, however at the same stage this season, Mercedes have only scored 77 points and are already 47 points behind the leaders. Ferrari. Despite the difficulties, Toto Wolff insisted on the excellent relationship between his two drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, the Austrian not hesitating to say that Mercedes has the best line-up on the grid this year.

“I’m very impressed with how George has fitted in, how professionally and analytically he helps to assess the situation. This duo is one of the few strengths we have right now – seeing how the two work together, without friction, on the contrary they are very productive and positive for the team. » said Toto Wolff.

“I couldn’t be happier with our driver line-up, and in that respect I think we have the top two drivers, maybe two of the top three drivers, and they deserve a car and an engine to fight at. the front rather than being lined. None of them deserve it. »

The Austrian also wanted to defend Lewis Hamilton, who has been going through difficult times since the start of the 2022 season, in particular after his elimination in Q1 in qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix or his thirteenth place in the Grand Prix. of Emilia-Romagna after being overtaken by the race leader.

“Somehow I have to protect him. It is not he who is at its lowest, but it is the performance of the car. We know he is a seven-time world champion, he already made up for it last year, him and us, and he fought for the championship. This guy is quite simply the best rider in the world but he doesn’t have the machine and the equipment to be able to prove it. In a way, I think it’s irrelevant to finish eighth or 12th or 15th, it doesn’t matter when everything is bad. »

“But the real stars always get up. There’s not one really great that comes to mind who hasn’t had some moments in his career where things didn’t work out right, and that’s the case now with him. »

“He’s going to help the team sort things out, we stick together through good times and bad times and today [à Imola] was definitely a very bad day. »

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