Touching: this dog refuses to leave his master who wears a breathing apparatus (video)

Mao Mao, a golden retriever who lives in China, does not leave the bedside of Shao, his master, in the evening. The 56-year-old must sleep with a breathing apparatus, which seems to worry his 3-year-old pet. Shao, a resident of the central province of Henan in China, suffers from hypertension and heart disease.

His loyal dog watches him every time he places the device on his nose. When the Chinese first put on the device, he was surprised to see his golden retriever run to his bed to stay nearby, appearing to be guarding him in an emergency.

In the footage filmed by the owner, the dog is seen resting his head on the chest of Shao, refusing to leave him. Mao Mao, do not worry. I’m fine. You can leave“, his master told him. But that doesn’t change anything. The dog stays in place.

Every time what I put on the respirator, the dog seems to have smelled something, as if he knows I’m sick. He only got up when I woke up“, explained the man to journalists several months ago.

I have never seen such a smart dog. This is not my real family, but he is one of them“, he explains.

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