Touchy Wilders should not act

Geert Wilders goes off the rails with his interpretation of Frans Timmermans’ words. It is a new example of how the PVV leader can hand out but not collect, writes Victor Pak.

For more than twenty years, Geert Wilders has shown in the public debate that he can deliver the strongest punches of all politicians. He does not hesitate to ridicule opponents. Even when he brought Sophie Hermans (VVD) to tears in the House of Representatives two years ago, he continued. It is typical of his tough style.

But when Wilders has to take the fall himself, he becomes like a little child who immediately runs to the schoolmaster. He deliberately looks for an evil intention behind the words or actions of political opponents.

Wilders often thinks that political opponents wish him dead

When his current negotiating partner Dilan Yeşilgöz (VVD) became Minister of Justice in 2022, Wilders also responded in a ridiculous manner. He wrote on social media: ‘A VVD member of Turkish origin in the Ministry of Justice. And now let’s hope that they don’t cancel my security because they would of course prefer to see me disappear under the grass.’ A ridiculous idea, that Yeşilgöz would wish him dead.

This weekend Wilders thought that again after statements by GroenLinks-PvdA leader Frans Timmermans at the congress of his party. Timmermans said the following: ‘We will do nothing to prevent Wilders from coming to power in this country.’ According to Wilders, a disguised call for violence, which Timmermans subsequently unequivocally denied. Still, Wilders says he will press charges against him and calls on his supporters to follow him in this.

It is understandable that Wilders is alert to threats to his safety. But with this interpretation of Timmermans’ words he goes too far. In addition, he should withdraw his call after Timmermans’ additional explanation. This also saves a lot of unnecessary reports to the already overloaded police and judges.

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