Tough, Swisscom offers 5G to 99% of the population for 1000 terminals

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5G for 99% of the population.

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5G for 99% of the population.

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With Swisscom, 99% of the population has access to 5G.

Swisscom unveiled its results for the 1is quarter of 2022. While turnover contracted by 1.2% to 2.77 billion francs, profit fell by 29.9% to 447 million, in particular due to exceptional items. Tough, the former monopolist also recalled that he covers almost all of Switzerland in 5G.

As we already have mentioned in this note, 99% of the population has access to the 5G network of Swisscom and almost as much to that of Sunrise UPC. While the incumbent operator offers its fastest 5G in 924 municipalities, according to its latest figures, Sunrise UPC reports 1000 cities. Outstanding. The complete financial report

Urs Schaeppi presents his results

More than 1000 5G terminals

While the rollout of 5G remains painful in Switzerland, the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) confirmed on the same day that the number of commercially available 5G devices exceeds the symbolic number of 1000, i.e. 74, for the first time. 9% of all 5G devices announced. This is a 16.6% increase in the total number of commercial 5G devices compared to the previous quarter.

Mobile phones now account for more than 50% of all announced devices, with a total of 677 smartphones. However, while phones dominate, the GSA has identified 24 form factors of 5G devices announced by a total of 191 manufacturers, according to the same text which once again helps to realize the dynamism of the mobile ecosystem!

Less dynamic on the optical fiber

We do not find in Switzerland this dynamism on the side of the deployment of optical fiber, much more expensive to implement, especially in areas with low population density. If Swisscom recalls in its press release of the day that around 90% of homes and businesses have access to “broadband” at more than 80 Mbits / sec, its ambitions on fiber are very modest.

He intends to double the Swiss coverage to about 60% by 2025, even if the site seems to be quite blocked. The Competition Commission and the Federal Administrative Court have indeed questioned the operator’s network architecture and imposed preventive measures. Obviously, some believe that the powerful operator wants to rebuild a monopoly… During the presentation of his results, however, he felt that this file was progressing.

Xavier Studer

The main figures in brief

01.01.-31.03.22 01.01.-31.03.21 Variation

(after adjustment*)

Net turnover (in millions of CHF) 2768 2 803 -1,2%


Operating result before depreciation and amortization, EBITDA (in millions of CHF) 1137 1 124 1,2%


Operating result, EBIT (in millions of CHF) 549 516 6,4%
Net profit (in CHF million) 447 638 -29,9%
Broadband connections, Retail segment, in Switzerland (as of March 31, in thousands) 2030 2028 0,1%
blue TV connections in Switzerland (as of March 31, in thousands) 1586 1 581 0,3%
Mobile communication connections in Switzerland (as of March 31, in thousands) 6151 6 177 -0,4%
Fastweb broadband connections (as of March 31, in thousands) 2731 2 765 -1,2%
Fastweb mobile communication connections (as of March 31, in thousands) 2649 2 066 28,2%
Investments (in millions of CHF) 522 540 -3,3%
Of which investments in Switzerland (in millions of CHF) 359 371 -3,2%
Group workforce (full-time equivalents as of March 31) 19009 19 077 -0,4%
of which employees in Switzerland (full-time equivalents as of March 31) 15987 15 975 0,1%
  • At constant exchange rates

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