Tourism in France: revenues fall by nearly 50%

International tourism receipts fell 49.4% from January to the end of July 2020 in France because of the pandemic, but “attendance was overall better than expected” thanks to the mobilization of the French, according to a report presented on Wednesday in Council of Ministers.

According to initial estimates from the Banque de France, these international revenues amounted to “16.7 billion euros against 33.1 billion euros” over the same seven-month period in 2019, according to the document presented. by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State in charge of Tourism.

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Regarding French spending abroad from January to the end of July 2020, they reached “14.4 billion euros against 26.1 billion” last year, a decrease of 44.7%, indicates the balance sheet.

But in France, the expected drop in tourist spending in 2020, French and foreigners included, is more limited, between -30% and -35%, with “potential losses in overall tourism revenue” estimated over the year by Atout France to an amount “between 50 and 60 billion euros”.

“The assessment of the 2020 summer tourist season shows that attendance in France was overall better than expected last spring,” according to the document presented to the Council of Ministers.

While the French “massively” stayed in France (94% of those who left stayed in France), France “resisted better” than its neighbors, especially Spain and Italy. In July in France, the decline was 41% in terms of international tourism receipts, against 66% in Italy and 75% in Spain.

“Correct” occupancy rates in August

The level of tourist activity in July in France “increased late but noticeably from July 20 to achieve correct occupancy rates during the first two weeks of August in collective commercial accommodation”, further notes the account- rendered.

The coastline and the countryside were the most popular, while Corsica, the overseas territories and the big cities were more neglected. “In addition to the hotel industry in Paris and in the large metropolises, two sectors are proving to be particularly weakened”, namely events as well as travel and holiday operators (OVS), underlines the assessment by quantifying the decline in activity respectively at -70% and -90%.

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