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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 20th Title: Towards a new goal, set off again! ——General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the Spring Festival group meeting inspired all sectors of society to forge ahead on a new journey

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The golden tiger bids farewell to the old year, and the lucky rabbit welcomes the new year. On the morning of the 20th, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council held a group meeting for the 2023 Spring Festival in the Great Hall of the People. General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an impassioned speech, calling on the whole party, the whole army, and the people of all ethnic groups in the country to embark on a new journey with high spirits, and strive for new goals. Set off!

The warm and powerful words are inspiring and inspiring, condensing the majestic power to forge ahead on a new journey.

Family and country reunion

International passenger flights at Daxing International Airport ushered in the fourth day of resumption.

Checking witnesses, checking passports, and checking information… At the Beijing Daxing Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station at the airport, the policemen on duty are busy.

“At the time of the reunion of thousands of families, there are still many people who stick to their jobs and leave their shining footprints on the great journey of building the Chinese dream together. We pay tribute to these selfless devotees!” General Secretary Xi Jinping said cordially The words made Li Donghua, a policeman on duty, feel warm.

A family is the smallest country, and a country is tens of thousands of families. The lights of thousands of families are connected to the “big man of the country”.

“The safety of passengers and the satisfaction of the masses are our best gifts for the Spring Festival!” Li Donghua and his comrades gave up their homes for everyone, and wrote their love for the motherland and the people at the borders of the country and on the front line of duty.

“We vigorously promote major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, make friends widely, and add stability to the turbulent international environment.” General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech spread to Kenya, Africa, and the employees of CRBC deeply felt the mission and responsibility on their shoulders.

This is the third Spring Festival they have spent in a foreign country.

“We are constructing the Nairobi West Ring Road, East Ring Road widening project and other projects, which are expected to be completed in the middle of this year, which will greatly relieve the traffic pressure in Nairobi city and promote the high-level development of the city.” Looking forward to the new year, China Road and Bridge Liu Chenghui, deputy general manager of the Kenya office, is full of pride, “China has made friends all over the world and shared the fruits of development with the world. As a state-owned enterprise, we will respond to the call of the Party Central Committee, go global, integrate into the world, and give full play to the ‘Belt and Road’ construction. The role of the national team.”

In the past three years, we have always adhered to the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of life, and history has engraved the extraordinary answer sheet of China’s anti-epidemic.

“According to the changes in the virus and the epidemic prevention situation, we will continue to optimize the epidemic prevention and control measures to protect people’s life safety and health to the greatest extent, and minimize the impact on economic and social life. Now, epidemic prevention is still struggling, and the dawn is just ahead…”

Looking back at the time of fighting against the epidemic, the words of General Secretary Xi Jinping made Luo Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of Taihe Hospital, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, deeply moved: “We survived the most difficult moment! We are united and united to build a system to protect people’s lives and safety. A solid line of defense with good health. We have to work harder, persistence is victory!”

On the day of reunion of thousands of families, the end of the world will share this moment.

“General Secretary Xi Jinping extended his best wishes for the festival to everyone, and specifically mentioned ‘New Year’s greetings to compatriots in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region, Taiwan and overseas Chinese’. I was deeply moved.”

On New Year’s Eve last year, Lin Yanchen, who represented the youth in Taiwan, appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala and rang the New Year’s bell. This year, he celebrated the New Year in Gutian, Ningde, Fujian. Seeking roots in Fujian, experiencing national unity in Tibet, feeling the spirit of party building in Nanhu, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, and exploring rural revitalization in rural Jiangsu… This doctoral student at the School of International Relations of Peking University has traveled all over the land of the motherland.

“The compatriots on both sides of the strait are connected by blood, and blood is thicker than water. I hope that more Taiwanese youth can better participate in the cause of the construction of the motherland and the reunification of the two sides of the strait.” Lin Yanchen said.

Sow the seeds of hope and welcome a new spring.

China Central Radio and Television’s 2023 Spring Festival Gala has just successfully completed its fifth rehearsal. On the joyful, auspicious and beaming stage, the excellent traditional Chinese culture is innovatively interpreted, the simple and heart-warming true feelings are flowing and conveyed, and the steaming life is truly reproduced.

“The general secretary said that the auspicious rabbit is auspicious, which symbolizes that the land of China is becoming more and more peaceful, prosperous, and vigorous. This year we will strive to present a Spring Festival Gala that demonstrates the theme of happiness, confidence, and hard work, and praises the thriving new era of China and the ever-changing world. Live a better life and celebrate the new year with hundreds of millions of viewers,” said Yu Lei, chief director of the Spring Festival Gala.

Confidence gathers strength

The Renyin Year of the Tiger, which is about to pass, is an extremely important year in the history of the development of the party and the country.

“Practice shows that as long as the party and the people always stand together, want to be together, and work together, no storm can shake our iron will, and no difficulty can stop our sonorous steps.”

Wang Rufang, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and member of the Central Standing Committee of Jiusan Society, was greatly encouraged by listening to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the Spring Festival group meeting.

“The words of the General Secretary have strengthened our confidence and doubled our strength. 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Hope and challenges coexist. As members of the democratic parties, we must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China and always be of one mind with the Communist Party of China Work together with virtue and unity, perform duties and responsibilities with a more vigorous and promising spirit, and play a greater role in concentrating and serving the overall situation.” Wang Rufang said that he will focus on accelerating the realization of high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement, and promoting economic and social development. Conduct in-depth investigations and research on issues such as the development of green transformation, actively offer advice and suggestions, and contribute to the promotion of Chinese-style modernization.

Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, new vitality is bred in the cold winter.

Although it is the severe cold season, Xiaomiaozi Village, Songshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia is decorated with lanterns and festoons, creating a warm atmosphere. Zhao Huijie, secretary of the general party branch of the village, is busy refining the rural tourism plan and other work.

“Last year, the planting of medicinal materials in the village had another bumper harvest, the collective economy of the village has grown stronger, and the revitalization of the countryside has been steadily advancing. Every family has harvested after a busy year.” Zhao Huijie smiled.

“As the general secretary said, the hard-won achievements this year were made by the party and the people through hard work, hard work, and struggle. Everyone feels very warm and motivated! This year we will vigorously develop rural tourism , so that more people can achieve employment at home.” Zhao Huijie said.

The Chinese nation is a family, working together to build the Chinese dream.

In the west of the motherland, in Guyuan Lane Community, Urumqi City, Xinjiang, red lanterns are hung high, entrusting the residents’ good expectations for the New Year.

The 68-year-old Abuliti Tursun and his wife are sitting side by side, playing chess with chess players in the day care center for the elderly in the community. The warm and comfortable room is filled with laughter.

“People of all ethnic groups in our community have lived together for a long time, and the neighbors are as harmonious as a family. The general secretary said at the Spring Festival group meeting that we will promote the continuous improvement of people’s lives. We feel very at ease. As long as we hug each other tightly like pomegranate seeds, Our lives will definitely be happier.” Abu Lati Tursun said.

Strength comes from unity, and struggle creates miracles.

At the Beijing Winter Olympics last year, the national short track speed skating team athlete Ren Ziwei and his teammates fought hard to win the first gold medal for the Chinese team. He himself also won two gold medals in the Winter Olympics. Now, he is fully preparing for the new Winter Olympics cycle.

“The general secretary once again mentioned at the Spring Festival group meeting that the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics have achieved a double harvest of competitions and competitions. This is an affirmation of China’s ice and snow sports and encourages us to make persistent efforts and achieve great results.” Ren Ziwei Said that the biggest advantage of the Chinese team is the cohesion of the team. As long as we firmly believe, train hard, and interpret the new Olympic motto of “faster, higher, stronger – more united” with actions, the Chinese team will create new successes with a more stable and confident attitude.

Work hard to create the future

Relying on hard work has created a glorious past, but also relying on hard work to create a better future.

Xiong’an New District, Hebei Province is a brand-new atmosphere of seizing the day and night and thriving.

“Construction of Xiong’an New District with high standards and high quality” was included in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Xiong’an New District is also ushering in a new stage of development: After more than five years of planning and construction, the urban framework has been fully opened, more than 140 central enterprises and institutions have registered in the new district, and the construction of key areas and key projects has been solidly advanced, and the prototype of the “future city” has fully emerged.

“Those who do things often succeed, those who walk often come, and history will not fail those who do it.” General Secretary Xi Jinping’s encouragement made Yang Ming, the head of Xiong’an Region of China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd., very excited. As the Spring Festival approaches, he still sticks to his post in the monitoring center, focusing on the overall operation of the IoT platform in the new area, and feeling the pulsation of the Xiongan New Area.

“The new era belongs to the strivers. We will keep our feet on the ground and work hard to contribute to the construction of Xiong’an New District and turn the grand blueprint into a beautiful reality.” Yang Ming said.

Pursue dreams for a new journey, struggle to welcome the new year.

On Yushan Island, Daishan County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, excavator buckets are tossing up and down, earthmoving trucks shuttle back and forth, pile drivers are clanging and powerful, and welding lights are shining on scaffolding… China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. is responsible for the project supervision of Zhejiang Petrochemical 40 million tons / The construction site of the second phase of the refining and chemical integration project was in full swing.

“The road is as simple as it is, and hard work is the key.” General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the new journey is an expedition full of glory and dreams. There are no shortcuts, only hard work.

“The general secretary’s speech made us deeply encouraged and full of confidence.” Wang Zhi, the project manager, was very excited. “Everyone rolled up their sleeves and worked hard, worked hard to ensure the quality of the construction, worked overtime to ensure the construction period, and sprinted for a ‘good start’!”

Tomorrow’s China, hope is pinned on the youth.

“In the Year of the Rabbit in the lunar calendar, I hope that the people of the whole country, especially the young people, will leap up and run like rabbits, and compete in all walks of life to show their talents.” General Secretary Xi Jinping has high hopes for the young people.

Yang Ziyan, a postgraduate student at the School of Journalism, Renmin University of China, who is about to bid farewell to the campus and go to work, once went to Jiang’an County, Sichuan Province to support education and help the poor in the year of decisive victory in the fight against poverty. Bloom gorgeous flowers.

“I will keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s entrustment, take root downwards, strive upwards, give full play to my professional strengths, tell Chinese stories well, and inspire youth with a fighting attitude.” Yang Ziyan said.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Wang Lei, a “post-95” young craftsman of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, is still fighting on the production line. “In the new year, I will, as the general secretary said, leap forward and run fast, study diligently and practice courageously on the road of high-quality development of the aerospace power industry of the motherland, and strive to grow into a company that is in the same direction as history. , Walking with the motherland and with the people’s “powerful youth”, make new contributions and make new contributions to the early realization of high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement!” Wang Lei said.

A little bit of spark gathers into a torch.

“The new journey is an expedition full of glory and dreams” is deeply engraved in everyone’s heart, which further inspires the belief of firm confidence, vigorous spirit, and concerted efforts. Hundreds of millions of people are working hard and moving forward bravely, marching hand in hand towards a better tomorrow and a higher goal!

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