Towards a night in a cell for Stéphane Moreau

Arrested Friday morning at his home, Stéphane Moreau was, early Friday evening, still heard by investigators from the OCRC, the central office for the repression of corruption.

Bénédicte Bayer and Pol Heyse, the other two former managers of Nethys, were in the same situation.

According to our information, these interrogations were far from over and it seems unlikely that the examining magistrate will hear these three people again this Friday.

Deprived of their liberty, Stéphane Moreau, Pol Heyse and Bénédicte Bayer should therefore spend the night in cells. Let us recall in this respect that this deprivation of liberty has a maximum duration of 48 hours and that the examining magistrate, Frédéric Frenay, will therefore have to take a stand before Sunday morning.

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