Towards a postponement of “Black Friday”? The cdH pushes: “Are we going to put an additional layer on our businesses to strangle them?”

This day of markdowns and promotional offers will take place next Friday when non-essential businesses are closed to the public and are only accessible online. It risks favoring large brands and online trading companies to the detriment of traditional businesses, fears the member.

“Already in ordinary times, this day is a hymn to overconsumption and is full of supposedly tempting offers. But, here, in the current context, are we going to put an extra layer on our businesses to strangle them? Belgian government could also negotiate a postponement of the date and offer a strong support measure, “she explained to Agence Belga.

This postponement should, according to her, ideally take place a week after the reopening of the stores, on a date that has not yet been set.

Chance of the calendar, it is on Friday November 27 that a new consultation committee must be held during which the measure to close non-essential businesses must be evaluated.

Black Friday attracts many consumers. According to figures cited by Ms Matz, last year the number of online transactions increased by 25% on that day compared to an ordinary Friday.

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