Towards lifting of quarantine measures in July | Coronavirus

According to information from Radio-Canada, the government of Justin Trudeau is actively working on reducing these health measures, even if nothing has yet been decided. Its main constraint? Convince all the territories and provinces.

On the eve of a next federal election, expected by the end of the summer, we want to avoid a political quarrel, we slip, behind the scenes, on the Ottawa side. Meetings are held regularly between the various ministers of health on this subject.

Between the east and the west of the country, opinions diverge. British Columbia and Alberta would urge the Liberal government to act quickly to lift these quarantine constraints as quickly as possible, before reopening the border. On the other side, Doug Ford and François Legault have already expressed their reservations.

Ideally not [de réouverture de la frontière] before the end of August, had launched the premier of Quebec on June 1.

However, this position has changed in the face of the progress and success of the vaccine campaign in the province, it is confided.

In Quebec, we agree with the opinion of the federal committee, who recently advocated for a mandatory three-day hotel stay and a 14-day quarantine end for fully vaccinated people. Doubly vaccinated people could be exempted from these measures, we are assured in the entourage of François Legault.

The envisaged scenario

  • Mandatory hotel withdrawal and 14 days of isolation for fully vaccinated people
  • Shortened isolation for travelers with one dose of vaccine
  • Tests before boarding and / or after arrival

However, tests should still be mandatory before boarding and, potentially, after arrival in Canada, we were told.

However, these measures should not be implemented in the coming days. Discussions are still taking place, especially in relation to travelers who have not been vaccinated.

Currently, these restrictions are in effect until June 21.

Such reductions could then see the light of day from July, before a gradual reopening of the border with the United States, but also with other countries.

One thing is certain, the Trudeau government, which wants to be cautious, will put in place adjustments gradually. But no precise timetable is yet clearly mentioned.

Other countries have already introduced similar ideas. France, for example, has announced a strategy to reopen its border. From June 9, Canadians will be able to travel in France in particular. With two doses of vaccine, no isolation is required. Only a negative PCR or antigen test will be required upon boarding.

With the collaboration of Christian Noël.

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