Toxic food for dogs and cats, according to veterinarian Enrique Vallejo

It is widely known that onions and chocolate are harmful to the health of dogs and cats, but what other foods can have the same or worse consequences? In this video of Animal health, veterinarian and biologist Enrique Vallejo shares a list of other foods that, in large quantities, can have fatal consequences for pets.

In addition to avoiding toxic foods, to maintain the good health of pets it is necessary to provide them with a balanced diet. To achieve this, it should be noted that the amount of food given to each animal depends on its breed, its level of physical activity, its lifestyle and its particular medical needs.

A good way to know what the proper portion is is to review the nutritional information that each package of concentrate has. This also includes the snacks chewables and other food products. It is also possible to add supplements or some additional ingredients, but it is always necessary to consult with the veterinarian before making a change in the diet of a dog or cat.

The general recommendation to add additional food or supplements to the concentrate of a dog or cat is to ensure that they are of good quality and that the preparation does not put their health at risk. Avoid soups, bones and raw meats, these can be harmful to the animal.

Learn more about the foods that can be harmful to your pet’s health in this video from Animal health y Do not miss the previous installments of this educational program by veterinarian Enrique Vallejo.

Biologist and veterinarian Enrique Vallejo is the founder of the renowned and award-winning Kanicat veterinary clinic, located in Bogotá. Vallejo understands the relationship between pets and their owners as a deep connection in which animals become an extension of their environment and of the person with whom they share. This is why his veterinary practice is not simply treating an animal’s discomfort, but rather understanding the root of the problem and interpreting what dogs and cats want to convey.

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