Traffic light coalition wants corona vaccination from the age of 18

DThe senders of the letter are in favor of a “general vaccination requirement from the age of 18”. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has been taking the line since November last year that the decision should not come from the government, but from the middle of parliament, but recently spoke to the Bundestag in favor of compulsory vaccination for adults.

Now the initiative of the seven traffic light deputies should be the basis for the decision-making in the coalition majority. There are also MPs in the traffic light who completely reject compulsory vaccination or only want to introduce it for older people, as is the case in Italy, for example. The authors of Friday’s letter have not yet committed themselves to details other than age. As a group, they aim to find a “sustainable, proportionate and at the same time targeted” solution, they write. “Our motivation is primarily to be prepared for the coming autumn and winter season in the long term and to prevent the healthcare system from being overloaded in future waves of infection.”

Union does not want to submit its own application

The group consists of three Social Democrats (Dagmar Schmidt, Dirk Wiese and Heike Baehrens), two Greens (Till Steffen and Janosch Dahmen) and two FDP MPs (Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann and Katrin Helling-Plahr). So far, the FDP has had the strongest doubts about a general obligation to vaccinate, and a group led by Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki has long rejected an application. Member of Parliament Andrew Ullmann, who also belongs to the FDP, is committed to compulsory vaccination from 50 years on.

The Union does not want to submit its own application, but has many advocates of a mandatory solution in its ranks. The AfD rejects an obligation with its own application. The simple majority in the Bundestag is 369 votes, the three traffic light factions together have 416. Even if 47 traffic light deputies should not vote for the proposal that the seven parliamentarians are now working on, the coalition would still have its own majority.

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