Tragic Car Accident Claims 13 Lives in Riyadh: Latest News and Updates

2024-01-08 14:36:29

Riyadh: Riyadh: 13 people, including five members of a family, died in a vehicle collision. A Yemeni citizen who left for Mecca in his own car for Umrah and an oncology consultant at King Fahd Medical City. Apart from Jahim Alshabhi and his family, there were people in two other cars and a truck. The accident happened when a truck driven by a Pakistani citizen who was coming from the opposite direction collided with these three cars at Musahmia, 75 km from Riyadh.

Dr. Jahim Alshabhi and his children Arwa (21), Fadal (12), Ahmed (8) and Jana (5) died on the spot. The doctor’s wife and three other children are being treated for injuries. Eight people in the other two cars died in the accident. But it is not known which country they belong to. The vehicle in which the doctor and his family were traveling was completely destroyed by the impact. Dr. said that 13 people died in the accident. Jahim Alshabhi’s friend Dr. Mushabib Ali Al-Aziri told ‘Al-Arabiya Net’ channel. He added that the doctor was happy as he was going for Umrah with his family and when he reached Musahmiya, a truck driven by a Pakistani national coming from the opposite direction on the main road rammed the doctor’s vehicle and two other cars.

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