Tragic Death of Woman Stuck in Lift: Investigation Reveals Construction Defects and Similar Incidents

2023-08-01 13:43:26

Tashkent: A woman who was stuck in the lift of a nine-story building for three days died. Olga Leontaeva (32), a postwoman, died tragically. No one heard Olga’s voice, even though she screamed for help.

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On July 24, Olga’s family came forward to report that she was missing. After an extensive search, Olga’s body was found only after three days.

Residents of the flat informed that the cause of the accident was a defect in the construction of the lift. The investigation found that there was no power cut when the incident took place and the lift manufactured in China had no registration. A similar incident took place in Palermo, Italy last week. 61-year-old Francesca Marchione was trapped in the elevator and died after the power went out.

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