Tragic Double Homicide in Kristiansand: Norwegian-Lebanese Mother and Daughter Found Dead in Their Home – Investigation Points to Ex-Husband as Key Suspect

2023-09-28 00:45:22

Norwegian media reported that two bodies of a mother and her daughter were found in a house in the city of Kristiansand on Wednesday afternoon, after a person visiting the house informed the police.

The investigation showed that the two victims were the Lebanese mother, Iman Talal Hajjar, and her 8-year-old daughter, Maryam.

Police Inspector Cecilie Pedersen announced, in a press conference, that at 1:21 pm on Wednesday, police in the city received a report of a serious violent crime, and rushed to the scene where they found the two bodies in the house.

A neighbor who was in his house next to the scene of the crime said: “I heard screaming and wailing in the neighboring house, and then a police patrol came and surrounded the entire area, and the sound of screaming is still ringing in my ears.”

In turn, the director of education in the city of Kristiansand, Kristin Edet Robstad, said: “It will be a very sad day for school children,” adding: “The school administration and workers are planning how to receive the students, as they will be interviewed by specialized teachers, and they will listen to what is on the children’s minds and take care of them.” “In the best possible way. I have no words to describe what happened, it is absolutely terrible.”

Suspicions are swirling around the victim’s ex-husband

In exclusive information to Sky News Arabia, a friend of the two victims’ family said, “The two victims were from the city of Tripoli, specifically from the Bab al-Raml area.”

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The spokesman added, “Doubts about the crime being carried out revolve around the dead wife’s ex-husband, the child’s father, who is currently in hiding in Norway.”

He explained that the deceased wife “divorced after returning to Norway two months ago from Lebanon,” noting that “after the crime occurred, we heard that the ex-husband was hiding and that he had threatened to slaughter his wife if she insisted on the divorce.”

The spokesman concluded by saying, “It is certain that the two victims will be buried in Norway, and investigations are underway into the horrific crime whose perpetrator adopted a method of slaughter and which shook Norwegian as well as Lebanese society.”

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