Tragic Story of 22-Month-Old Neva: Infanticide and Rape Case Unveiled – Trial Date Announced

2023-08-31 10:04:03

If the facts are already dramatic, the tragic story of little Neva, 22 months, takes an even more unspeakable turn. Beaten by her mother’s companion, Néva was found dead in February 2021. Mickaël Van Haute is accused of infanticide. Neva had bruises on her body.

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A few weeks before the trial to be held in October, we learn that the child would also have been raped by his stepfather, announce our colleagues from the Last Hour. The indictment details that Mickaël Van Haute is accused of rape on Néva with several aggravating circumstances. During the autopsy, the child had lesions on the genitals and anus. Mickaël Van Haute will therefore have to answer for sexual abuse of his stepdaughter. According to the DH, he strongly denies this accusation.

Michaël Van Haute is accused of infanticide and rape. -DR

Trial on October 9

As a reminder, little Néva was found dead on February 2, 2021, in a framerisoise dwelling. His stepfather Mickael Van Haute looked after the child and his big sister (aged 3 at the time of the events) in the absence of their mother who had to have an operation. The stepfather was alcoholic and under the influence of narcotics.

Néva, 22 months, died under the blows of her stepfather. -DR

Michaël Van Haute refused to participate in the reconstruction and never appeared before his judges during the proceedings.

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The incident took place in Frameries. -EG

The defendant gave several versions to explain the death of the child: falling from his bed, falling down the stairs, domestic accident… None currently sticks 100% with the conclusions of the experts.

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