Train Malfunction Causes Chaos at Bern Station: Full Report and Eyewitness Accounts

2023-07-09 17:59:00

It’s the second time this week. On Saturday, a train stopped at Bern train station because it was overcrowded.

The failure of the train was allegedly announced in an announcement. When some people get off the train, it still drives off – in the direction of Zurich.

According to an eyewitness, travelers who are not pressed for time were asked to disembark. “The train left 19 minutes late,” the passer-by was quoted as saying by the “Sonntagszeitung”. Then there was applause and jeers on the train.

The SBB has confirmed the incident. «The regular train was canceled due to a vehicle malfunction. That’s why we had to resort to a one-story dispatch train,” explains a media spokesman. If the utilization of the cars is more than 160 percent, the trains are not allowed to run for safety reasons.

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