Training with or without a mask, what is the right thing to do? Scientists carry out a study that solves the doubt

Train Mask

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Train Mask

It is the third month of 2021, the same month that marks one year since the closure of coronavirus in Latin America. And the situation for now remains the same in terms of the health emergency. The use of the mask is necessary and mandatory, even if you are training in the gym.

Many will think that training in the gymIn cardiovascular routines, where you need good breathing, it is mandatory to remove the mask. Some will have the false belief that it will damage their performance. Therefore, a group of Italian scientists carried out a study in which they detailed some characteristics.

Train Mask

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Train Mask

Train with or without a mask

It is a great dilemma and the Italian scientists in this study, which reviews Daily Mail, they separated their results into two parts. First of all, there are totally healthy people. They can carry out their physical activities, at their maximum intensity, without affecting the training results.

These researchers explain that there are small differences, such as a “modest discomfort when breathing.” However, that does not affect your health. On the contrary, it takes care of the contagion of coronavirus, very present in closed places.

To reach these conclusions, they evaluated the performance of 12 people on an exercise bike. They completed sessions with and without a mask. And there were differences, but they were not relevant, as has already been explained

Second, there are people who have a health problem, be it cardiological or respiratory. For these individuals in particular, exercise with a mask is not recommended. And because of his condition, much less entering a gym, unless he has adequate ventilation so that the virus does not settle in the premises.

“Research suggests that wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of the disease, but there is no clear evidence on whether masks are safe to wear during vigorous exercise,” the researchers said of the latter.

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