Trang is thrilled again! Latex glove factory cluster to 3 new factories found infected with coronavirus

Trang is thrilled! rubber glove factory cluster Spreading to family and close people to employees in 3 new factories, officials rushed to control Confident that it hasn’t spread to the inside

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On June 9, 1964, Dr. Tulkan Makkhun, spokesman for the Center for Epidemic Management of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation in Trang Province, said that although there are COVID-19 cases in Trang today The new number is reduced to only 11, but it is interesting. In the case of family members and close contacts with employees in 3 new factories, 5 have been infected, and there are also 55 high-risk contacts from the rubber glove factory cluster.

Consisting of Bigger Wood Trang Co., Ltd., 1 infected, 5 high-risk exposure, negative results, have to quarantine for another 14 days, while Southland Research (Trang) Co., Ltd. has 2 infected. 30 high-risk contacts and Sri Trang Agro-Industry Co., Ltd. has 2 infected, 22 high-risk contacts who are pending test results. And all of them are now confined to LQ.

At this time, officials are rushing to control the area. and an overview of the COVID-19 epidemic situation in Trang Province is getting better In the case of family members and close contacts with employees in 3 new factories, the infection Ensure that it has not spread into the factory and believing in the situation that arises because the rate of sickness per day is very low compared to the daily rate of recovery. This makes the capacity of the public health system more supportive.

Ensure that there will be no large clusters that infected more than 30% of repeat employees And now the province has also asked for cooperation from all 40 industrial plants to use Bubble and Seal measures for 28 days to speed up the control of the disease from spreading further. After cluster outbreaks in many factories and the number of infected people is nearly 1,000

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