Transformation in the face of a new reality

The last macroeconomic data for Europe and the correction on a less growth of 2021 for Spain, confirm that the pessimism in economic and social terms. Society is very concerned about the economy, data that increases compared to previous analyzes. Before this worrisome third wave of the pandemic, it is shown that the two aspects that most concern Spaniards are the Health and the impact it is having on our lives at all levels.

The data from some surveys and expert analysis determine that the saving has been and is the main priority of the Spanish and the consumers in all surveyed countries. According to the vaccination Let’s hope that the economic and consumer indicators will rebound. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later and this immunity will be available during the second half of 2021.

The return to the habits we had before the crisis of covid-19 will certainly start in activities such as shopping, work (or study) and the way we do administrative transactions. What are the areas where it will be difficult for us to return to normality? Some seem clearer, such as vacation trips, work, social life and leisure, where it is recognized that we will still have to wait a while. The pattern is similar when compared to other neighboring countries.

Faced with this situation, many companies are accelerating their transformation processes. New products and services for this “new normal” that we are still building. There is a component of temporality which is included in the new innovation processes. It seems clear that what we innovate today, after a significant effort in our businesses and with the best of intentions towards the consumer and their needs, has no guarantee of staying long. The pace of change has accelerated and we will live in permanent innovation.

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This complex new social and business reality on the other hand offers a multitude of new challenges and opportunities for those entrepreneurs that are creating new models, close to the needs of the people, families and businesses that are suffering the most.

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But equally large corporations, larger companies are rapidly modeling their processes of transformation. It is not the exclusive heritage of the digital world and of the ‘start-ups’. Not much less. The knowledge and experiences on which large companies have successfully built in sectors that today can be mistakenly called “mature” are precisely very important bases on which agile models of permanent innovation are articulated.

I believe that we are going to see and enjoy, in this new reality, a multitude of new products and services, very focused on people, our needs, our concerns, fast, friendly, and easy services. We are already seeing new projects in the banking world, in urban mobility platforms, in health and telemedicine, in the ultra-fast service of ‘e-commerce’, or in the media world and digital leisure. So many others that are very recent and we have incorporated into our lives quickly. Developed by great entrepreneurs and companies as well as by new actors and models. The opportunity and the challenges are global and also for everyone.


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