TransMilenio: SITP driver argued with passengers, refused to drive – Bogotá

During the first week of May, a strong fight occurred on a SITP bus that almost led to a situation involving blows between passengers and the driver.

The incident occurred because the driver was picking up passengers from a bus that had run aground. Nevertheless, he decided not to start the route because, at that time, “his shift had not started.” From there, everything was recorded in a video of one of the passengers, which she later shared on social networks.

This situation generated dissatisfaction in the passengers, who began to demand that she start driving the bus, to which the driver replied: “My lady, I don’t have to work before because I don’t get paid before. Complain to Transmilenio so they can send more cars”.

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While the dispute was going on, more and more people were getting on SITP.

Because the driver refused to sit down and start the tour, those who had taken the service began yelling at him to “do his job,” among other insults.

Everything quickly turned violent when the driver also lost patience and responded to the insults of a man who demanded that he sit down to start driving the bus, to which the driver told him: “Come and sit me down, old man! !” followed by insults.

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The situation escalated to the point that a passenger wanted to go to blows with the SITP worker, but several people prevented him.

Because of this, the driver decided to get off the bus, while one of the passengers who had previously insulted him sat down ready to drive.

“Do it, how easy it is… Drive, that’s kidnapping. I’m going to wait for the police,” said the driver as he got out of the vehicle, which several passengers asked him to do.

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So far, the reaction on social networks has been mostly supporting the driver. People comment that it is intolerant of passengers to simply expect him to work for free and that, at the beginning of what happened, he spoke calmly to them.

However, there are also those who defend the anger of the passengers, since they suspect that they could be stressed due to the difficult mobility situation in Bogotá.So far, the public transport entity has not commented on what happened.

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